America, nation of schizophrenic shoplifters

We need a QT3 survey about who here has shoplifted in the past year.

In college, my roommate and a friend or two of his would walk into the on-campus convenience store in a sweater and baggy pants and walk out noticeably bulkier. Or he’d walk into the campus store and walk out with a textbook. He said that if you set off the alarm when you went through the doors you just had to look around with a “who, me?” look and keep going through. I have no idea how he never got caught. I think I drank some of his ill-begotten Snapple, so I’m at least an accessory to shoplifting.

No question. When I was in high school, they forced all the seniors into the auditorium to take a career survey. For the question asking “what are your career plans after high school” I wrote “assassin”.* I’m sure my responses were given all the respect they deserved.

*Obviously, I went to high school a hundred years ago before children could get arrested and expelled for writing mean notes to each other or even farting.

Does piracy count? Oh yeah, I went there!

Heh, I fit into every one of the OP’s percentages. (I’m a year 2000 graduate)

How do I help these keeds!

Best. Discussion. Ever.

Hence the argument that government is less capable of spending your money wisely than you are.

Tonight in prison I got to meet an Asian dude who was in jail with a 700$ bond for shoplifting. He refused to tell anyone else what it was because “it was super embarrassing”.

I figured gold plated dildo, but who knows.

You weren’t “incarcerated” too were you?

This is the “better-than-average effect.” It happens with most any question. Everyone thinks they’re better than average drivers, or have better than average social skills. Especially today’s youth, who are all major fucking egotists.

Shoplifting during youth is pretty damned normal. My friends and I all did it, and we went to a conservative Catholic high school.

Our generation is totally better at not feeling superior to others, relative to the younger generation. In fact, it’s quite likely that our generation is probably the best of all generations in the history of the planet at being humble and not feeling themselves to be better than other generations.

On topic, I’m surprised at how many folks here shoplifted or hung out regularly with folks who did so. I never dreamed of engaging in it, & none of my close high school friends ever would either. Shoplifting would take time away from masturbation.

Couldn’t you just shoplift while masturbating?

Talk about your schizophrenic shoplifters.


Nah, just multitasking.

I never shoplifted, and like Sidd, I’m surprised at the number of you who agree that this is a regular part of growing up. I did get accused of shoplifting once because I had the same color jacket as some kid who did shoplift.

I also didn’t cheat on tests in HS or college. I’d rather fail than cheat.

I think cheating is a far more serious violation than shoplifting. Shoplifting is an impersonal offense against an impersonal entity, and it’s also a function of social class. Cheating is not. Your opinion of shoplifting is probably influenced by your social class.

I’d be surprised if academic cheating was more prevalent than shoplifting, but hey, what do I know. I never cheated, but I never had to. Plus if I cheated now, I’d get kicked out of my MBA program, so no chance of that.

How so? We’ve seen any number of stories regarding celebrity/politician shoplifting. Are you arguing that shoplifting is more or less permissible in upper classes?
That it’s a function of life in lower classes?

Most celebrities have no class.