American Born Chinese - Featuring two Academy Award winners on D+

I thought we had a separate thread for this, but apparently not.

It’s all up on Disney+ now. I watched the first three episodes and I like it so far. As an Asian kid in growing up in California, I recognized the feelings the protagonist had in school.

I also watched three episodes and am enjoying it so far. The two main stars are fairly young and unknown AFAIK but also doing a great job. Also, Michelle Yeoh is just excellent. And the fight scenes are fun as heck.

Edit: “Not my coffee table!”

I’m a sucker for anything with a Wishing Staff, so I’ll check out out!

Not surprising. There was no buzz around this show, and frankly I thought it was only okay.

Aw, that’s too bad. I never saw it (don’t have Disney+), but the author of the books was my high school CS teacher. He was (and still is, I presume) a genuinely good person, totally stand-up guy, and every time I see another bit of success for him I get a warm fuzzy feeling.

That’s too bad. We enjoyed the first season, and it ended with a good setup for the second.