American Gun

I have the top movies for 2005 thread to thank for pointing this out to me. I was shocked to see James Coburn so old. When I think Colburn, I remember the Great Escape and Magificent Seven. I couldn’t get over his great big tummy or his gnarled fists, but I think his physical frailty added something to his portrayal of Martin Tillman. One of the few dramatic thrillers where I did not guess the ending or walk away feeling like the director had taken a cheap shot to make the plot work. It’s a clever telling of a haunting story. You get all the clues you need to unravel it in quick cuts, but I wasn’t able to put it all together until the last reveal. I enjoyed the fractured way they show this story. It’s not a new technique, but it’s not the hip M-TV parade of flashing images that has become almost a cliche in movies and advertising these days. This is just really good story telling. I liked it a lot.