American Horror Story: Cult - Season 7



Are the various seasons of this worth watching? I loved the first and bailed on the second when I got a little too body horror for me. Yeah, I know, but I really don’t do body horror very well.


I enjoyed it up to 4, and parts of 5. But 6 was just horrible. This new preview does not give me much hope as to the show I once enjoyed ever returning.


They vary, I think. Even the most hardcore Ryan Murphy fan would agree that the series is uneven.

Personally, I liked the first season (Murder House), the second (Asylum), and the fifth season (Hotel). The others were whatevs, until this last season (Roanoke) which was straight garbage.


So Season 7 is about juggalos? Yeah, that’s pretty terrifying.

I really liked Season 1, 'sorta liked Season 2, was meh on Season 3, and bailed a few episodes in on Season 4. By the sound of things, I made a good choice.

Also, to Adam_B’s point, it’s definitely a show that pings my ick-limit.


Murder House and Asylum were the best. Freak Show started OK, then fell apart (see my avatar). Roanoak was a mess.

But I thought this season was supposed to have something to do with the election.


Oh, thank goodness. With this casting news, I now know I can skip this season entirely.


I haven’t watched the first episode of Cult yet, but I was made aware it is a present day sequel to freak show (season 4), which has me feeling more optimistic. Also no GAGA is a plus.


Killer Klowns From The RNC

I’ll watch another episode or two, but so far this doesn’t bode well.


How the heck are 3 episodes on my DVR already? I’ll do a catch up this week. Seems no one else but @tgb123 and I are giving this season a go?


The good news is that E3 is considerably better than the first two, and this season may (cautious optimism) be heading into an interesting direction.


Agreed - i was getting a little disappointed after the first few episodes, but #4 piqued my curiosity


4 is quite good.


Using Trump’s electoral victory as the basis for much of the underlying horror of this season’s episodes is kinda brilliant. What this year could match the sheer horror of Sarah Paulson’s character voting for Jill Stein?


Not only has this season seen a huge return to form after last year’s debacle, it’s shaping up to be one of the best yet.


@tgb123 how did it turn out? I still have them all on the DVR.

Also I was not aware of this, but the season so far all relate to a specific circle of hell. So I guess we have 2 seasons left…


So season 8 will be a crossover season!