American Horror Story - Red Tide

I didn’t watch the last couple of seasons, but this has been excellent. I thought at first we were in for another cliched vampire story but instead it’s a really interesting take on talent, fame, and addiction.

No one? Because this is some dark, dark shit.

My wife and I have been enjoying this quite a bit. I’d say it’s probably my favorite AHS since season 1+2.

Agreed. I don’t know what the finale has in store, but my money is on Belle and the daughter being the only ones still standing, and walking off together into the sunset.

I knew this was coming out, but couldnt set the DVR until after it started playing - so i ended up missing the first few episodes. Now I’m all caught up and Ya, i’m liking this a lot as well. Easily the best of the series since Hotel.

We just got caught up. My wife loves them all, but I am really digging this season much more than the recent ones.

I did call it right when the daughter only wanted her mom to take the pill to get rid of her (probably not too hard to spot!)

What I love the most about the show is getting to see some of these really great actors take on different roles. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are especially good this season, to me.

My wife is watching this, and I’m not, but as I glanced at it, it took me a minute to determine whether that was Macaulay Culkin or a de-aged Steve Buscemi at one point.

I haven’t watched this since maybe the 3rd season. Ryan Murphy will always turn Ryan Murphy up to 11. And I can on handle about an 8 on the Ryan Murphy scale of Batshit Insanity. But I do love that sweet spot.

I swear I am hearing the Coventry Carol in some of the music for this season. It’s super creepy and effective.

I’m definitely watching, just forgot there was a thread. It is dark. it is also silly and inconsistent and over-egged, like a lot of AHS. Honestly aside from the visuals (the wintry coastal town is real pretty) I kinda preferred the full on howling nonsense of 1984 or, the season I last saw much of before that, Asylum.

That’s just a personal preference, though. If you like something a bit more sedate and thoughtful (this is all relative when it comes to AHS), I can definitely see liking this season better. And I continue to enjoy most of the series regulars that have shown up and was delighted to get some Macaulay Culkin RIP Mickey. And I still am enjoying it. It’s just that I think American Horror Story is not really creatively equipped to do truly thoughtful, intelligent horror or focused singular storylines and so leaning in that direction for me just loses it the gonzo attitude that makes it delightfully ridiculous.

My wife is particularly fond of this series because she grew up nearby, and we’ve been to P-town a number of times. There’s a particular look to the streets and architecture that she really enjoys, and as a horror fan and native she’s very well versed in some of the true stories this is loosely based on - both the “vampire murders” and the ongoing drug epidemic that’s running rampant on the cape now.

So the ending was a little underwhelming, but overall an excellent start to the season. I hope the second half is just as good.

So i liked the first of the double-header, and unlike many of AHS, the story didn’t overstay its welcome. If they continue this, they should maybe try for 3-6 episodes per idea.

I really liked the start of the second double header, but really didn’t like the fast-forward to the present part. I wish they just continued on in the past…

Agreed. I liked the 50’s B-movie aesthetic of the first half, particularly the cinematography, but the second half was kind of stupid. Not sure I’ll be sticking with it.

ugh, well this went sideways quick. I’m watching still, but…barely. They pretty much tore through all the good will generated in the first half though.

Yeah, ultimately, the Death Valley segment is basically two nearly unrelated storylines given two hours each across four hour long episodes and the conspiracy history stuff especially is really wildly unsubtle and silly. I don’t know that this creative team would ever have made a really genuinely compelling horror version of it (although it starts promisingly), but it absolutely needed more time to breathe to work at all well.

Well, they had 5 or so really good episodes at the start of the season, which is far better than they’re done in many years.

It’s almost shocking how bad the second half of the season is. It’s like they swapped writers (or ran out of pills?) for the final episode of red tide and the episodes since have been between middling (first episode of the new story) and just awful.

I thought the second half was so ridiculous and over the top that I just decided to go along for the ride and it stopped annoying me.