American Horror Story VI


aka AHS:Give Sarah Paulson Her Damn Emmy Already starts tomorrow (Wednesday). Most of the regulars will be returning, and I’ve heard Jessica Lange might make an appearance at some point.

I’m curious to see what it will be about, since it’s been such a tightly guarded secret. I thought Hotel was a good rebound after the mess of Freak Show, so I’m really looking forward to it.


Agreed. I’ve watched them all, and Freak Show was meh. Really looking forward to VI!


I didn’t watch Hotel, though I really liked X-men (or whatever you call season 3) I had skipped the Freaks one as it didn’t interest me slash looked like it would gross me out. Was Hotel worth watching, then? Is that on Netflix yet?


Freak Show suffered from too many subplots, and as a result, none were concluded with any satisfaction. I was particularly pissed off when my avatar was dropped and forgotten about halfway through the season.

Hotel, otoh, was a lot tighter and featured a single, coherent story that made sense (in the context of the show). I’m hoping VI does the same. Also, Lady Gaga was surprisingly good.


I’ve watched every season, I actually liked Freak Show a bit more than Hotel.

I thought this season would be focused on a Hospital , but that went to Scream Queens.


I can’t believe this show is starting its sixth season. I figured a niche horror show would never last that long. My favorite seasons (from most to least favorite) are:

  • 2 Asylum
  • 1 Murder House
  • 5 Hotel
  • 4 Freak Show
  • 3 Coven


Well, that was…something. I enjoyed it, and I thought it was an interesting format change. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


It was definitely very different. Not sure what to think, though the core subject matter is of interest to me.

I love the fact that they pretty much hid everything about this season.

— Alan


I liked the first episode, it set up some fine quality craziness for next week.


After the less than good Freakshow I just gave Hotel a few episodes before giving up. This was a good opening episode, hopefully they keep it up.


I think I might stop watching this. AHS peaked with season 2 Asylum, which was fantastic, since then it has been bad to mediocre, though with some cool stuff thrown in from time to time. This first episode…it was competent, but I feel like I have seen everything in it hundred times before. Just so derivative. No fear, not suspense, no surprise anymore.
What I enjoyed the most about the episode was the advert after credits for Pamela Adlon’s Better Things. That “shame” scene made me laugh and totally made me want to watch that instead.


I wasn’t totally thrilled with the Blair Witch derivative. At least True Detective sought to be a little different.

— Alan


I was underwhelmed. I know it’s only the first episode of the season, but this just felt like a completely typical PG13 horror movie. Even in the first episode of the first season, AHS had enough wacky stuff that you knew you were in for something different. This literally felt like I was watching a random direct-to-video horror movie starring the latest crop of ABC Family stars. The conceit of it being some reality show doesn’t help assuage my low expectations.


I didn’t finish season 4 or 5. I thought the first two seasons were great, the third one was pretty weak but I finished it. I watched the first episode of season 4 and abandoned it. Did not watch any episode in season 5.

My wife thinks season 6 will be good and so I watched the first one. Interesting format change and I feel like it will be better than season 3 or 4.


I guess I can’t argue that the pilot episode of the series wasn’t crazy, but it did not so much say “I am in for something different” as “I am in for something terrible and badly made”. Fortunately things picked up from there.


I like how they’re turning everything upside down this season. Last night’s episode was a great introduction to the second half. I just hope they don’t overdo the “found footage” stuff.


Its alright, the mixing of the real life people with the actors who played them is a bit strange.

Kathy Bates is the best part of this show. The Butcher!


The first episode didn’t really grab me, so I have been letting it pile up on the DVR. Has it gotten more interesting?


It depends on why you didn’t like the first one.


The most recent episode was interesting, at least. The season starts off real slow, and nobody knows if the last episode was luck, or a turn for the less bad.