American Idol Finale: Spoilers!

So Carrie wins it.


She sounded terrible on her final performance of that terrible song. Oh well.

Hopefully for her the album will sell better than Fantasia’s.

God that song is horrendous.

But I think this worked out better for both of them, actually. Carrie wins the deal and will be happy to do as she’s told, and Bo will get a deal from someone else, but he’ll have a better-than-even chance of getting in with his band and his own material.

Wrong choice. I can only hope that Bo can now pull a Clay Aiken and go on to eclipse Carrie in terms of album sales and post-show popularity, despite the second-place finish.

I’m looking forward to an inevitable Carrie FHM or Maxim spread.

Good luck. I’m still waiting for Kelly Clarkson’s.

Well, IIRC Kelly Clarkson has done several magazine spreads, but all fairly demure.

I’m with you on that one. I think this really is for the best. Could you imagine Bo’s album having those two awful pop songs from the finale on it? Let’s just be thankful that he wasn’t forced to do a silly single of that last one.

I think it’ll work out. I believe Carrie will sell more albums than Bo. She’s in the wheelhouse of the target audience for the show and, as someone mentioned in another thread, there’s a bigger market for a cute country chick than a hairy southern rocker.

That said, I’ll actually be interested in the album Bo puts out, particularly since the slimy hands of the American Idol producers will have less a say in making it. Thank God.

Does anyone know if Johnny Van Zant’s new gig with his brother is a permanent one? Bo might have just the opening he’s looking for …

2nd worst decision America has made in a year. Sad.

Clarkson is positively hot in From Justin to Kelly.

Here’s a radiant review to justify Kelly to the world.

— Alan

Alan - fess up - did you see From Justin To Kelly? (Yes, even seeing it on DVD or late night cable counts…)

Hmm… I wonder how the USC/Jesusland map would hold up for this…

I didn’t see it… I didn’t need to see it. I had that great review to keep me warm at night.

— Alan

Is it any surprise considering her Let Freedom Ring type song?

Is it any surprise considering her Let Freedom Ring type song?[/quote]

I think the announcement of her appearance along with the eventual appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show all but sewed up her win. Her handlers did a great job pushing her image from potential pop princess to down home somewhat conservative country girl.

Once again Simon nails it. He declared earlier in the season that she would win, and on the last contest show he said she had done what she needed to do to win. At the time I thought he was crazy - after all, we all knew Bo was going to win in a landslide.

Aren’t both the Winner and First Runner up under contract with American Idol?

The winner gets an automatic recording contract. I believe A.I. has an option on all of the other top 12, and if A.I. doesn’t pick up the option, they can’t sign with anybody else for 12 months. That’s supposedly why Vasquez dropped out before the top 12 started - he had a recording deal lined up. That’s also why the ones who are decent but finish 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc don’t typically release an album until a year after they’re Idol stint - A.I. didn’t pick them up. But obviously, A.I. has exercised the option for some non-winners (i.e. Clay Aiken).

Kelly Clarkson has done real well for herself. But I think all the other Idol winners (and runner-ups) 15 minutes are up.

I was happy last year that Fantasia won (especially over the extremely annoying Dianna DeGarmo), but there would be no way in hell I’d buy her album. Bo’s probably would have been the first I would have considered, but then again as was pointed out before, it probably wouldn’t be the pop audience that they are looking for like Carrie would better fit. Sad though, they ruined their little track record that they had going on: girl, guy, girl, … girl…

I’d actualy care if the final competition included stuff like oh say playing an instrument, or writing a song. How can so many people WANT their next album purchase to come from another music industry created zombie singing someone else’s song?

Give me Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Trent Reznor, or Eminem any day. None of them would have had a chance in front of Simon but they all are bigger stars and have more dynamic talent than 100 of these barbie dolls created by the show will ever have.

Can’t the record companies go back to creating these soulless flash in the pans behind closed doors like they used to do it?