American Idol

I guess we’re down to enough contestants now to post a poll, so let’s see what the court of QT3 says…

(and yes, I know there is no Shit! Bonerz! option - deal with it, McMaster.)

I want a “Shit, Bonerz, I only watch good TV” option.

i’m gonna go for the cute white girl in her late teens.

strangely, i’m somewhat up to date on this year’s AI just by virtue of listening to morning radio and watching SNL. kinda creepy?

Taylor, because I like the idea of somebody as essentially gormless as he is winning American Idol. Plus, the dude likes Sam Cooke. That’s gotta be good for something.

Oh, I always go with the guy from Birmingham since it’s my home town.

How do they keep getting guys from Birmingham?

I figure Katherine has the best shot, but I’d like to see Elliot bring it home.

Man, you Katherine supporters… You’re like Bush supporters – I just can’t see how you don’t see the inherent evil in the person. :)

Denny…are you saying a vote for Katherine is like a vote for bush?

Because I’d much rather see katherine naked than I would Bush naked.

OK, since someone is going to have to do it, I’ll take the bullet and go with the obvious:

I’d like to see K’s bush?!?

How come there’s no “I hate the show and don’t watch it” vote?

If you hate American Idol, why did you click on the thread?

To get someone to respond like you did…not really, was more curious to what the poll was about.

Usually there’s a vote for people who don’t like the subject of the poll.

Personally, i don’t care for the show. But I’m not going to begrudge those who do.

I used to watch, but I find it dull now.

I support this message.