American Mah Jong

A couple of people I play Bridge with have encouraged me to take it up, though none of them are willing to teach it for some reason. The learning curve is pretty steep.

Anyway, I hunted around and found a pretty good series of tutorials on Youtube. I think I’ve got my head around the general concepts, and now have to wait for my card to arrive before diving in.

In the meantime, does anyone here play, and can you recommend any resources to study to better grasp the strategy?

I have never played the American variants, but while the basic sets of rules is common to most of the countless Mahjong variation, the amount of strategy thinking they require vary widely, from no-brainer mahjongs to “keep track of the discard, their orders and try to extrapolate your opponent’s hands” mahjongs.

Part of the appeal of mahjong has been to figure the strategies while playing for me, so I can’t be of much consel there, but I can point you to Four Winds Mahjong, a very good Mahjong shareware game that features about all the variations rules and options you could ever dream off, as well as a wide variety of ways to keep track of varying things happening on the board.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I hear some people subscribe to Final Fantasy XIV Online just to play its in-game version of Mahjongg, which is often praised. Something to keep in mind, perhaps.

All I know is that my wife has been playing with three other women. She says that this has led to long discussions on whether they are going to play the Korean, Taiwanese, or mainland Chinese version (plus some rules that I guess are optional?).