American missionaries accidentally inspire Uganda to consider death penalty for gays

Farmers, right.

Does not compute.

Crazies abound.

There may be a bright side to the U.S. economy circling the drain…

I’m spoiled by the extremely moderate Anglican churches we have here. Believing in god is pretty optional for members as far as I can tell ;)

Welcome to Church of England, cake or death?

We’re a finishing school for all kinds of religious nutjobs, get in the queue.

Back on a slightly more serious bend: sometimes I feel bad for disliking evangelicals. If they truly think I’m going to hell because of my beliefs, there’s a part of me that should really appreciate their sincerity in wanting me to be saved. However, it’s just not their due to the immense level of obnoxiousness that their most vocal members bring to the table.

I’m with the rich lord in Blackadder season 1: why would you want to go to heaven to be with all those boring evangelicals and the choirs and the harps and whatnot?

Tell them you are doing them a favour by not trying to get into heaven as you would be a real party pooper. You would always be “that guy” that everyone regretted inviting but because it’s heaven and everyone has to be nice to each other, you always are, even though you are a total buzz kill and keep picking fights with god before locking the door and passing out in the only toilet.

“In Heaven, all the interesting people are missing.” —Nietzsche


“The way I feel now, I could convert gays!” — Father Ted

One of us! One of us! One of us!