American Truck Simulator and its older sibling, European Truck Simulator

Is there a “group” component to World of Trucks we could create for qt3? Or, failing that, a Discord group for us?

Sorry, I was just making a Frank Zappa joke that fell flat.

Whoops! Music reference? My bad!


There’s really not a group component to WoT that I know of.

Is there a Qt3 Discord? I thought I was in it, but maybe I’m just imagining things?

ATS is getting a new rig!:

Re: QT3 Discord:

I new event finally, also, with the launch.

For MP, the closest is probably something with TruckersMP.

I also haven’t given up on my YouTube channel for trucking. I had one video that just died during recording – it was just too rambly. I recorded one on Sunday that outlined a plan for things, that I changed my mind on, and some things that proved wrong.

I am going to try an record one this Sunday for the DLC.

Yep, the 57X is one of Daimler Truck North America’s latest models, supplanting the 5700 of a few years back.

The in-game convoy mode is really solid for casual multiplayer with friends, and I think has supplanted a lot of the TruckersMP activity. Truckers MP has a much higher active player limit, which makes it great for large events, if that’s of interest.

I would like to have seen Montana.

Which released today.

(kind of an obscure reference, but still)

Not that obscure!

I blame the cook.


Even I got that one, and I never get things.

In we go! Big Sky Country!

Would have been more obscure in the original Russian.

The obscure reference was the gif I posted, not the original quote. Sorry for the confusion.

Then I will grant you that!

What’s that gif from? It looks vaguely familiar.

Old DLC is on sale on Steam, btw.

That’s a character from CSI:NY. For a while, her nickname in the series was Montana because she came from there. ;)

I understood that reference!