American Wasteland at GameSpot

I’ve been down on GameSpot’s headline writers before, but I have to admit that “To Skate or Die in L.A.” for a preview of the new Tony Hawk game is the sort of thing that I go for. I hadn’t thought about how much I played 720°-- and how much a ripoff the C64 game that took its catchphrase for its title was, despite it being a pretty good game in its own right-- in at least a month or two. Combine that with a movie with an eponymous theme song by Wang Chung that I’ve never seen. Result: success.

In fact, I rate the GameSpot headlines I like as follows:

  1. “To Skate or Die in L.A.”
  2. “Episode III”
  3. “Episode III”

If I read previews for games I wasn’t super-interested in instead of just looking at screenshots, I would totally read that article.