Americas army

An news of america’s army coming for XBOX?

You know, for all the online shooters for the PC, I still feel that I want an Xbox just to play the same games online.

I mean, Rainbox 6 III for example, it just sounds more fun playing it on the Xbox with the voice support and all. Sure you can get one of those programs for the PC, but that’s more for playing games with your friends, I think.

So, is it more fun?

Consoles tend to level the playing field. You know that the guy you are fighting against (or with) has the same hardware. There are some exploits but they are small, and MS has been proactive in squashing them when they find them. I just got Counter Strike today for Xbox Live, and that should be a nice change from all the cheating.

On the other hand, I don’t care for the voice chatter. If it’s someone I know, or they are on my team, that’s fine, but my experience with SOCOM has been that people from down South talk, and talk, and talk, about nothing.

And there is nothing that challenges your manhood more than throwing on the headset only to hear nine year old kids barking orders at you.