America's healthcare insanity

That makes me sick. It’s so hard for me to get some of my meds now since the costs are so high.

While no real causes listed, the impacts of our Health Care Insanity are definitely being felt in rural areas more. Note that all data is from BEFORE the Pandemic, but I would expect that to mirror, or even expand upon the influenza numbers:

This seems relevant for this thread.

Hey, that health care company that owns and operates the hospital full of bat shit in Florida? Steward Health? They’ve just filed for bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of Texas, the most friendly venue in the nation. They’re looking to stiff employees for $300 million in unpaid wages, and other creditors for more than $500 million in unpaid bills.

These private equity finance bros are going to get away with it. What a fucking country!

So update on this. My son takes a medication at school with lunch. Yesterday, when my son was about to take his medicine, he thought it looked funny. It turns out it was a Klonopin pill. No one in my family takes Klonopin and the school nurse confirmed no one at the school takes it. The only way it could have gotten in there is if it was filled incorrectly at the pharmacy. Thanks, CVS.

That’s a pretty big oopsie. Glad your son caught it before taking it! Like big enough that I’d look into potential recourse or at least reporting the pharmacy?

Yeah, I don’t want to get the staff there in trouble because they’re doing their best in a bad situation, but I think we will tell someone higher up at CVS they need to rethink their staffing model.

Yikes. That’s great that your kid was paying attention and noticed the discrepancy.

His medication is dispensed by his school nurse? Just asking to confirm, I know a lot (all?) schools do it this way.

I would not be so certain the problem is with the pharmacy. The nurse saying that no one is taking it currently doesn’t prove much. No one might be taking it now, but that doesn’t mean that a student wasn’t prescribed that last fall or the year prior. If they are sloppy with inventory then old medication can stay on the shelves for years and easy to see in an overworked/underpaid school nurse office.

Pharmacy can fuck up too of course but I don’t think the school nurse office gets a pass. She’s a medical professional she is in charge of knowing what she is dispensing to her patient which means she needs to know what a medication looks like. Saying “I gave him what came out of the bottle” is bullshit and lazy. The entire point of the nurse dispensing the medication is to prevent fuck ups like this.

I don’t know how old your son or how much he weighs but clonazepam is a reasonably strong sedative. An adult dose on a pediatric patient could easily lead to injury depending on what he is doing 45-60 minutes following him taking that. If he rides his bike home or drives a serious accident could have happened.

Also, Klonopin is a controlled substance. They have strictly regulated lock in and check out policies. I know because I was controlled substance handling approved by the state. You have to have a 2nd person verification take place to ensure the count is accurate at the end of the day.

Please report it, because a failure at that level is extremely wrong.

I actually misheard my wife. It turns out it was clonadine, which is for high blood pressure. Still bad.

South Park for President

There’s 3 month wait between each of those doctor’s appointments.

More signs of how it is cheaper to outsource than to use the US system in some cases.

You still have to buy the drugs.