Amount of DLC released for high profile releases is getting a little absurd

Its funny to hear people mention buying a car, because this is the ULTIMATE DLC experience. Basically NOBODY buys the base model car. Everybody adds some extras, like different wheels, or a digital radio, or a sunroof, or a different color to the default and… all of that costs extra.

Plus with some car DLC, the DLC is actually mutually exclusive! You cant have pearl white AND midnight blue! You cant have a sunroof AND a panoramic sunroof. There is no way to get the ‘complete’ car experience.

As a consumer, I like choice. Give me Battlefield V with the campaign as optional DLC and I’ll skip that thanks. In fact I’m begging for some paid BFV DLC. Where is the eastern front? where is the panther tank? the king tiger tank? how come no mortars?

The 1% of gamers who get whipped up into outrage by professional outrage-sellers like jim sterling have managed to ruin things for the rest of us. I actively WANT more DLC. Nobody forces you to buy it ffs.

That is why I like buying the Ultimate / Gold Edition of car near the end of the model year.

Wait what are we talking about here? :D

We should note the car comparison isn’t the best, since you know the total of the additions to the base vehicle never actually exceed the initial cost of the base vehicle.

I don’t mind the DLC model. If I love the game, I will gladly contribute to help the developer and to enjoy the new additions. For the so-so games, I just don’t bother with the DLC’s, unless a major update revamps the gameplay. Furthermore, I have plenty of games to play (and not enough time) so I rarely buy on release which means I often grab games with the DLC’s included, on a discount.

Wait until you hear about a product called “Train Siimulator”…

This article is from 2016, and these 10 models have the top model that’s more than twice the price of the base model, so the DLC is more than the base model. But I read an article recently on a car site that this has become a lot more common recently in the 2019 and 2020 models than it used to be back in 2016.

In terms of the grand history of gaming, this really only came about in the past <10 years. It’s not simply expansion packs, but size, frequency, and amount of DLC. I don’t think it’s a bad thing per se, mind. But this is a very different era for sure.

Civ II is not a good comparison, though, and there’s no inflation adjustment necessary. I can’t recall how much Civ II’s expansions cost. But they wouldn’t cost as much today as they did then, because back then there wasn’t really a firm market for this sort of thing (beyond, nobodythought an expansion of just alternate game scenarios would sell at full game price), and now we have much better market understanding of this stuff since expansion/dlc/etc is such a common practice. Also, game prices have not gone up the way e.g. movie prices have. Fantastic Wordls’ release year movie ticket price would have been 4 or 5 bucks or something but now it would be 10+ bucks. But game prices are the same now as then, for a variety of reasons. Civ II (or Warcraft 2, which got a real expansion and some third party “scenario” disks) wouldn’t come close to a Paradox title (but what does?) or even Civ VI.

I agree it’s not a huge change though. It’s a natural evolution. Expansions always made sense in some scenarios. Most of the expensive work is done already (engine, loads of assets for content, etc). It’s cheaper and easier to distribute them - no need to print physical media, package materials, etc. I think we’re still figuring all of this out too, in terms of amount, frequency of release, how to package stuff, etc.

I think there’s a software issue at play here, though, that needs solving. As a content creator, I think what I want to do is offer DLC and then try to package them reasonably when the time comes. Let’s say you didn’t Season PAss, though. You bought A, E, and F. now I am selling A-F. The Grand Mega Pack is cheaper than the sums of A-F, but possibly also cheaper than B+C+D. I think you ought to get some money off of GMP. Steam doesn’t allow me to do this.

I am not sure you quite understand the comparison. I mean let’s first start by acknowledging that a lot of people buy used cars in the first place, and those can be tricked out cars that are not even close to the asking price of the new ones 7 and 9 years later. Now if we focus on new, they literally have what I was referencing, editions, packages… and you don’t have to tick 100 boxes to get them. You can get the technology package, or the sports package, or the limited edition and then way over here on the other side is the pretty much everything edition. The very idea that most people are just going down a check list and custom ordering straight from the factory instead of negotiation for the model right in front of them… is not accurate. Besides, one again, to even try and use a car comparison you’d have to acknowledge the used car market which is… huge.

Currently at 538 pieces of DLC, worth over $9,300.

And you know there are people out there that have them all.

Fantasy Grounds is even worse.


That’s a lot, though I don’t think they imagine anyone would actually buy all or even more than 1% of that of that. Who possibly has the hours in the day to play more than one RPG campaign at a time?

I think the same is true of Train Simulator, actually. In both cases you’re talking about a computerized version of a real-world hobby.

But its not about having the time to play them… Its about owning the complete experience. ;)

I will never understand why people are annoyed that there are products/options for sale that other people WANT and BUY, buy you don’t.
I don’t buy child seats for my car, I don’t buy extended warranties for electrical equipment, I don’t buy insurance for my pets. I’m absolutely fine that these thinsg exist and other people buy them. Why wouldnt I be?

Between the time you posted that screenshot and now, they’ve added more DLC.


Because these are all poor analogies to the current reality of what DLC is and can be.

Balance decisions get made in mind with DLC additions that often result in a poorer experience for non-owners.

This happens often enough with Paradox (even though they try to “normalize” things).

Heard about it? I’ve played the hell out of that game. Of course the only DLC I’ve bought is additional routes, not new engines, because come on man!

Cars, child seats, extended warrants… pet insurance, there are some of the weirdest comparisons to DLC yet.

Maybe a better one would be that single track of music to various albums. Some people don’t mind buying one track at a time and will do that for years and tell everyone how much it was worth it, full price each time. Some people like to buy albums and some people prefer compilations and all that extra stuff that comes with it. The way DLC for some games is presented today is they only cater to the first group, and then that first group runs around telling everyone they don’t understand why people want albums or compilation editions as if those other two things have never and should never exist… not the other way around.

I actually liked the pizza comparison. I’ll take an Everything, please, your largest size, because I’m economical like that.

at the OP, no mention of Age if Wonders 3 as dlc done right?