Amusing Firefox plugins

I shit you not.

Conchology Toolbar is a search tool that helps you access and navigate the world’s leading seashell company with over 65000+ available shells in 309 families for sale and shell-related items for both expert and amateur seashell collectors and enthusiasts.

GothicSingles Toolbar - Firefox Extension

Hey for those two specific interest subsets, those add-ons are SUPER AWESOME.


Yeah, conchology, motherfucker. You wanna make something of it? Something marinelife exoskeleton related?

You guys are just being shellfish, poking fun at them for the halibut and without porpoise. Conch you see that they have no coral with you? Leave them abalone, they are not your anemone.

I always said I’d switch to Firefox if it helped me pick up goths.

There is a question on a psychological assessment that reads, “My favorite hobbies are archery and stamp collecting.” You reply with your level of agreement or disagreement to the statement. Apparantly, there’s a subset of the population for whom that statement is strongly agreeable, that are also axe murderers or something.

Abe Vigoda’s status. Currently he’s alive.

he sometimes shops at the grocery store i work at.

I think Mark Asher sold him some gay porn once.