An appeal to Brian Reynolds

C’mon, Brian. Please make Alpha Centauri 2.

Yea, we know about the situation with the name and the intellectual property rights. We don’t care if you have to change the name of the game. We don’t care if you have to change the names of the factions. We don’t care if we have to kidnap and murder young children. Just make the game, please! Spiritual sequel or not, make the game! :)

Don’t listen to E5 Brian! Get the rights to Darklands and make Darklands II!

Second all of the above.

I’ll make it if you really want it that badly.

Proxima Centauri a Stroker Ace remake of a classic TBS as imagined by American Mcgee.

Didn’t we just have this thread?

And E5 started it.

Wow, Zabuni. No sense of humor, eh?

Well, it’s just that the thread was totally covered again.

Though I do wish there could be one.

Careful or you’re going to do for “Please remake Alpha Centauri” threads what Jake Plane did for polls.

E5, which Alpha Centauri thread?!


What’s the obsession with having the same name/license? There’s nothing wrong with making the same type of game in a new skin to me, especially since moving from 2D to 3D without restrictions can let you do new and interesting things that the original game couldn’t do.

Yeah, just call it Supreme Beta Centarus and then make it spiritually the same. Bingo.

E5, which Borehole Cluster?

Thank you! That’s exactly what I meant.

Sorry guys, Supreme Beta Centaurus the way you all want it would take Big Budget. And Big Budget = Must Sell Lots. And Must Sell Lots != Alpha Centauri or any spiritual sequel thereof. I have a feeling Brian and Firaxis got burned on the first one, and a turn-based sequel would have a hell of a time getting greenlit.


Isn’t Brian on record on these very boards as saying he really doesn’t want to do an Alpha Centauri sequel right now?

He’s busy making a console game with that guy from Bethesda, apparently.

Shush, sir! Of course he wants to do one. Even if it has to be called something else, right?

Hey, if all else fails, we could see if we could interest Derek Smart in buying the rights…no, put that gun down…no, don’t hurt me…

I’m sure if we do enough of these threads, Brian Reynolds will change his mind.

Actually, there’s not much more you could do with another Alpha Centauri (I think Brian even said as much). If ever there was a fleshed-out game world with nearly infinite replayability, it’s BRSMAC and the expansion. Yeah, sure, we’d all love a DX10 version with tribuffered antistropic sync filtering or whatever, but it’s not like you can’t recapture the experience by just reinstalling your copy of the original game.