An Experiment

  1. Without looking at step two (space provided to help you avoid it), follow this link and read the headline.

  2. If your first thought was that Cheney visited and ended up flipping out and killing 19 people just for fun, sign below.



also, check out the byline…

Conspiracy alert!


Nah. He’s a jerk, but not crazy.


The edit betrays your true feelings. Look, I don’t think he actually murdered nineteen people either. It’s just a question of your gut reaction.


That is rather funny.

Signed. I had to double-take.

It never crossed my mind.



Double-barrelled headlines are always fun. Cheney == cholesterolzilla.

No, didn’t work for me. But it could have if the title would have been “Cheney Visits Iraq, Grabs 19 People and Tears Them apart in a Fit of Rage”

Signed. Shout out to Yacoub for providing us with tricknology.

I just had to re-read this bit:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A string of attacks killed 19 people, including two relatives of a senior Kurdish official, and Vice President
Dick Cheney…

Signed, because the mental image of that makes me giggle for some reason.

DAMN. So close. But you have to remember that he is an undying beast powered by a tireless metal heart.


It’s a lot like this…
Cheney Returns to Camp Crystal Lake

Signed. The semicolon isn’t enough to separate those two ideas. Someone got lazy.