An Inconvenient Truth - Predictions?

Any predictions on how “An Inconvenient Truth” is going to fare?

For those who are not familiar, “An Inconvenient Truth” is a film about Global Warming featuring former Vice President Al Gore.

It “weaves the science of global warming with Mr. Gore’s personal history and longtime commitment to communicating the need to reverse the effects of global climate change.”

Preview here:

Here’s a comment from a while back by Jeffrey Wells of (a movie blog I frequent)…

Al Gore and his new film, An Inconvenient Truth, have given me hope and that everyone should see it. It’s strike-a-match time, and this film is a ray of light. It’s just good straight information, but if a sizable number of the “drunks” in this country see it…

I’m starting to think that Gore’s entire political career, which culiminated with his run for the White House in 2000, has been about getting people to see and fully consider this slide-show lecture movie about global warming.

An Inconvenient Truth is Gore’s crowning achievement…the summation of his life…the reason he was put on this earth to become a politican and a stirrer-upper and influencer of public opinion.

Because if people see Truth in sufficient numbers, Gore will have done more to save this planet from ruination than anyone in his realm has ever managed.

Wells is an unapologetic leftie, but anyway, he seemed to dig it and I have some respect for his cinematic taste.

Man, that killed my buzz right there…


No kidding. Just what the left needs, more slide show lectures!

Hopefully it’s not quite so dry. Gore can be pretty impassioned about some things though, so who knows, maybe Mr. Jeffrey Wells was talking more about the fact it’s a documentary than it’s quality. Then again, Gore can also be dull as a spoon.

"Hi, I’m former Vice President Al Gore, and I’m here to speak with you about global warming …

… mmmkay, and what we have here is a happy-go-lucky free-floating cirrus cloud… add in global warming and what you have is an angry, monstrous cumulonimbus monster!

… so folks, what’s really important here - and as the former Vice President of the United States I know how to perform organizational triage - is that we stop global warming before it comes to a head …

… which is why I’ve formed A.S.S.H.E.A.D. - the Association for the Symmetrical Study of Heated Environmental/Atmospherical Disasters - with Professor Hawking and the re-animated corpse of Jules Verne …

… now you’ll see on Slide #342 a very vivid depiction of what will happen when Cthulhu’s minions - aided by global warming - decide to assert their domination over humanity …"

An Inconvenient Truth is Gore’s crowning achievement…the summation of his life…the reason he was put on this earth to become a politican and a stirrer-upper and influencer of public opinion.

Does this guy have Gore confused with Malcom X or something?

Farenheit 9/11 at least had bombs going off. I can’t imagine this being seen anywhere but Democratic fundraiser in Hollywood or Gore’s TV network (where no one will see it).

So, I have to admit that part of me agrees. Right off the bat, this isn’t a “movie” - hell, it isn’t even a documentary. It’s an ehanced audio/visual slideshow.

So that’s strike one.

But then it’s also an ehhanced audio/visual slideshow about global warming. Maybe if it were “Gore Delves into Girls Gone Wild and What America Can Do to Tame This Lovely Ladies” people would go… but global warming?

So that’s strike two.

And then there’s the fact that this nation is hopelessly polarized. About 50% of the people out there ain’t gonna go see Al Gore - just because it’s Al Gore.

So that’s strike three.

BUT… I still think this film is going to do well. In part because people are just so fedup with the way things are going now. Also because it may create F 9/11 like buzz. So my prediction - well below F 9/11 but above all expectations.

The thing I love about that preview is that it’s edited like a Hollywood disaster movie, but guess what – this one’s in your back yard. In the theater where I saw it, the audience was pretty vocal during the previews that came before it, but the “Inconvenient Truth” one was met with total silence. There was a palpable discomfort in the theater, which I take as a good sign.

Worst case scenario for this film will be if Gore’s vanity overtakes the vital information he’s trying to communicate. It had better be more about climate change than Al Gore’s Valiant Struggle to inform people about climate change. I saw Elizabeth Kolbert speak here in Seattle a few weeks ago, and one great thing about her approach was that she had clearly spent some time figuring out how to fit the most information effectively into the 60 minutes she had to speak, and deflected every question about herself back towards the issue at hand. I can only pray that Gore takes the same approach, but I’m betting the producers think the movie needs a protagonist (the human race won’t suffice), and will play up his role as the heroic activist.

And yeah, it looks like basically a lecture movie, but the more information about climate change that gets out there, to the widest audience possible, the better. The Right’s going to spin this thing like a psychopath at the throttle of a Tilt-O-Whirl until the Atlantic’s lapping at the carports in Kennebunkport, though.

I predict it will be about as effective a proselytization tool outside its circle of believers as the “Left Behind” movie.

Gore was all over a nuclear plant in southern Ohio for a while. They wrote him a check and he forgot they and their waste issues are a problem.

Kottke has a good write-up.