An internet stranger offers to buy you beer

Do you watch the cornhole, dude?

Topic so named because Diedrich Bader was born, apparently, where I live now. Also, I thought he was the martial arts instructor in Napolean Dynamite, but I wasn’t sure. Now I know.

Ok, so on to the topic at hand. Who’s up for a beer?

If you are interested, and can make it, I’m offering to buy beer for anyone who responds to this thread at Irish Times in Washington, DC, site of the debacherous liasons of Bob Packwood. This will take place next week, probably Wednesday (Dec. 14). This is in close proximity to Capitol Hill and right across from Union Station. So, if you are local, you get lots of free beer. If you are not in the DC area, you can fly in from out of town and stay at a hotel at your expense, all for $30 of beer (or maybe more, depending on your tolerance).

Topics of conversation include:

  1. How my local “Shoot Club” has dried up because all my friends seem to be married and having kids
  2. How I feel the primal urge to have another “Shoot Club”
  3. The awkwardness of meeting internet strangers
  4. Being the consumer or producer involved in a $10 billion industry but still feeling awkward talking to strangers about gaming, as in the phrase
    “do you game?” being akin to “do you shoot herion between your toes?”
  5. Life and death in DC, and possibly real estate prices and commutes

So come one, come all. I’m buying. Even if it cost thousands of dollars.

I can write this off anyway, right?

Sounds great, but weeknights absolutely suck for me.


I’m interested. I commute into Laurel on Wednesdays. I might be able to make it the rest of the way to DC … for free beer.

If we can get a critical mass (say, a few more people), I’m still buying. Fuzzyslug, I’d gladly buy, but I’d be kind weird if we were the only two to show up, methinks.

Agreed. And a recent schedule change means that I couldn’t make it on Wednesday anyway.