An open letter to Kitsune. I'm callin' you out, sucka!

<Linked repost of a tasteless NeoGAF post deleted>

Prime Real Estate - Excellent View, Top Location

Inquire With Owner for Details.

Glad to see someone was willing to break the ice there. Thanks, SlyFrog!


Just for those who don’t know. That is what Kitsune posted before he left NeoGAF. I don’t really understand why people can’t just let things go though and leave it well enough alone.


Hahahaha, you totally just spilled the beans about this post and then recriminated Met for posting it. YUO WIN THAR INFRONETS.

You know, I like being vindicated as much as the next person. But this… this is ridiculous.

translation? someone give me the coles notes version.

I’m sure someone else would have disclosed it, if I hadn’t. I was speaking in general about sometimes people should just let things go, instead of always holding a grudge because at one time or another someone said something that pissed them off.

Met’s getting banned. Thaaaat about covers it.

Met’s always getting banned.

Whenever I open a thread like this, I am really mystified. Please tell me I’m not the only one. I’m generally amazed at the level some people take things on the internet.

What motivates someone to post that now?

Bye, Met :(

And yet you, like me and the rest of us, continue to open threads like this. High five!

Uh, so what’s the story? - someone outed Kitsune on another forum as not being truthful about where he was or where he was from, and that got him into trouble at work??? Or he was who he says he was, and that got him in trouble at work for unknown reasons?? And what does that have to do with MetK? And why is that all verboten?

I have no idea who Kitsune is or where he lives or how old he is or what color his skin is. And if I did, it wouldn’t be anyone else’s business. He’s a valuable contributor to conversations on this forum, and to his credit, he ignores jackasses who insist on goading him about his identity or location.

Met_K, on the other hand, has been repeatedly warned about trolling. His account had been shut down before. But based on personal appeals, and since I considered him a friend, his account was turned back on. Unfortunately, I assumed too much in terms of how much this forum meant to him.

I have no idea what’s going on with that post that Met_K revised and reposted, but the link to the original post is up there for anyone who wants to read it. It seems to be some sort of internet stalking and offline threats that represent message board communities at their worst. I’d like to think that sort of trash has no place here.


I like Kitsune’s posts – find them informative and entertaining – that’s all I care about.

Just didn’t understand what the hell people were talking about. But don’t really care, I guess.