An XBox Support Rant

This is my rant of the day with Xbox support. This is not the first nor will it probably not be the last, but I thought I would share this story with you.

My friend got his new xbox and we wanted to play Splinter Cell DA. Well the dvd rom scratched the disc all the way around.

Calling MS which is the world’s biggest mistake led me to a resolution of we will replace your 40-60 dollar game by offering a replacement of Kameo or PG3 (both of which I own). This is not a solution! Ubisoft will replace it for 15 dollars plus the original disc. This is a solution, but I’m out 15 dollars. So why doesn’t MS credit me 15.00 dollars!!

Better yet, if I have to take a Microsoft title I will take Halo 3 (when it comes out) or GOW (even though I own that). Oh wait they’re MS titles but bungie and epic make them and they’re good and you might actually want one of them so we couldn’t offer that to you.

Hell, I would take it in live credit or ms points, but unfortunately the reps I spoke with cannot think outside the box.

In the end, offering apples for oranges is not what I want from support. Either test your systems better before they come out. Have better QC or be prepared to replace discs but don’t half ass try and buy your way out and expect people to be complacent.

Now I know someone will say that’s why you don’t play on anyone else’s system, but what’s the first thing ms asks when your game doesn’t work?
“Have you tried it in another xbox”.

Sorry for the rant, but it was either this or go on a violent rampage and give credibility and support to Jack Thompson. Here’s a news flash Jack. It’s not video games that make people kill it’s video game tech support staff who don’t think outside the box.

Can you do both? pgr and kameo are both worth like $15…