Anachronox: The Movie

I only watched half before I decided I had to play this game :)

Anachronox has some of the best characters ever to grace a game and a plot that does every one of them justice. 8) I didn’t care for the turn-based, “ducks in a row face off” battles (which were quite boring until late in the game when the mystech weapons came out), but Tom Hall is a genius at storytelling.

Anachronox was a flawed masterpiece if I ever saw one. The strength of the story alone made me enjoy it more than any of the console RPGs I’ve played (hell, it’s better than almost any game I’ve played, period, besides Planescape), but you have to wade through several hours of boring combat before the game really starts up in earnest.

Also, be sure you patch it before playing! The patch not only addresses a lot of the Win2K compatibility problems the initial release had (I don’t think the game even supported that OS), but also fixes several bugs in the game itself.

Not sure if this is what you’re talking about curst but recently there was an “unofficial” patch released by one of the devs. It has a lot of fixes supposedly and also some new features like a much needed taxi in the beginning.

I’m still having problems running it on my XP machine however.

this movie’s better:

it’s a movie in Bink format, if you’re paranoid about running an .exe… and besides, we all trust ign, right?

Heh - I liked this quote from the new patch’s readme:

I don’t understand how people were able to finish the game at all.

I guess I got really lucky? I only encountered one crash, and I haven’t played the game since this new patch was released. I remember being amazed by how many people were complaining of bugs since my experience was relatively problem-free. The only bug I can recall off the top of my head that actually affected me involved using the tractor beam to get the Mug Mug doll - it’d do the animation and everything, it’d even say I got the doll, but it wouldn’t add it to my inventory.

The [url=Video Game News, Reviews, and Walkthroughs - IGN]first patch[/quote] addressed mostly compatibility issues and gameplay bugs, such as your ability to repeat the battle with the Doorlord. Unless the second patch includes the fixes in the first, you’re definitely going to want both.

Would have made a better adventure game.

Would have made a better adventure game.

Damn straight it would have! Anachronox really represented in my mind, the possibilities of crafting a next generation graphic adventure.(Moreso than the Syberia/Longest Journey junk) Great charatcers, sense of humor, magnificent interaction with the environment, and a solid dose of puzzles.

That RPG goop really dragged the experience down and unfortunately I ended up quitting the game once the magic beetles were introduced. Just overburdened me with elements of play I wanted little to no part of. That adventure was so solid too, really wanted to find out where it was headed.

This is an old post of mine from the Gamespy forum I believe. It sums up Anachronox pretty well…

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Anachronox is both a great game and a failure of a game.

It has some of the most memorable characters in PC gaming history… its character-driven in the true sense of the concept.

The game has heart… I often contrast it to Wizardry 8 where I seem to be the only person in the universe to say its only a good game (I gave it a 73%). Wizardry 8 is stale, totally derivative, and LACKING in heart (it does have GOOD features of course which enable it to climb to 73%). The funny thing is that noone disagrees with me about my statements of Wizardry 8, but they shrug it off with words about “old school gaming”. Maybe old school is better left in the past.

Anachronox failed in a few areas, the most extreme and painful being plot. Or specifically, the lack of a FULL plot. The ending was hopelessly contrived and totally came out of nowhere (there is NO foreshadowing) and the game really really really needed to spend some time in the Chaos World to flesh out the plot. The mini-games were in general pretty weak. I had a feeling the game was rushed despite its long development time (or maybe it was rushed BECAUSE it was taking too long). The flashbacks were also mediocre in their plotting. And while the game was beautiful and immensely funny, it was not FUN. Lack of fun and plot pitfalls prevent Anachronox from ever reaching the heights.

Anachronox is truly a beautiful game (and I don’t mean the graphics engine which is well-suited to the game but far from beautiful). Hollywood envies the quality of the cinematography presented by Anachronox. The way it shows emotion on the characters… the way the camera depicts the scenes… truly wonderful stuff. BEST DIRECTOR goes to Anachronox’s ;).

And of course the stereotypical Anachronox feature of Tom Hall’s brand of humor is a major plus as well.

Or as I said shortly after playing it…

Anachronox coulda been a contenda for one of the greatest games of all time, but it forgot to finish itself and it forgot to provide fun gameplay.

What ANGERS me is that Tom Hall apparently felt Anachronox was a bad experience for him, and he ran away from the industry to play “small ball”.

Why in the world did Hall feel Anachronox was a failure? Someone should smack some sense into the guy and bring him back to the big time. Hall has the best sense of humor in the industry and whoever did the cutscenes for Anachronox NEEDS to continue to work on primetime games.

I feel everyone should play Anachronox just to receive a SPECIAL experience, although you’ll have to put up with some major faults along the way.

Its the rare game that I gave an 84% to and also said its pretty much a must-play. Its a game of vast strengths and large weaknesses.

But you’ll remember those vast strengths for a long long time. Its too bad the game wasn’t more successful… other games could learn a lot from Anachronox.

From what I remember, Tom Hall did attempt to buy back the rights to Anachronox from Eidos after getting laid off, but apparently that didn’t work out.

I only picked up Anachronox in the last year or so as a budget title but I really enjoyed it. I had to stop playing it though as it kept crashing back to desktop.

Give that patch that Jazar linked to a try.

I’ll second this - this one is hilarious. If you’re a [former] D&D geek, you’ll love it.

I mostly enjoyed it, the humour, atmosphere and story were pretty good and I didn’t have too many crashes. The thing that spoiled it for me, as Brian has alluded to, was the arcade style ‘mini-games’, which I felt were out of place in an RPG/Adventure game. In the end I resorted to cheats to skip them, not something I’d normally do, but I’m not an arcade gamer, at least not since my local pub got rid of the Asteroids machine.