ANALOGY ROUND UP: the Serenity Now WoW thread (long, AIM)

Actually, there were a lot of ad hominems and arguments surrounding those analogies. In any case, the lowest form of argument is automatically the thread police. If you don’t think this should be here, go ahead and stop posting in the thread…FB and TS probably wanted to have a little fun with the subject matter without necessarily taking on 19 pages of lead in material.

Well, no. If we think people are posting self-serving useless bullshit, generally someone will say so. Most people thought this thread was pointless and incredibly unfunny. Not posting in the thread doesn’t remove it from existence.

The opposite of this should be the next big thing in internet browsers.

Actually it does.
Ignore it and it’ll sink into obscurity and disappear from the ‘New Posts’ list, which is the way I browse the forums.

… crap!

Very good read. Thanks!

The sociopath with cancer is female. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing how you work this piece of information into your witty IM banter.

After deconstructing the relevant passage in the chat transcript, I’m 99% sure that when the authors referred to a sociopath, they meant the mythical analogy strawman who was launching ad hominem attacks on someone’s tragic illness. In both the original analogy and the analysis, the sick person was just a sick observer.

Anyway, between this chat - which, come ON, was funny - and Lizard King’s posts in the original thread, it’s nice that something good came out of the World of Warcraft funeral debacle and the tragic, real life consequences it had for Grame Dice.

Does anyone have a thread bookmarked or something where Graeme Dice displays some sort of emotion that has a hint of pleasure or happiness?

No. he’s funny in the gun thread, though.

No, Caltrops is more of a fansite for OMM. The people that made it (Bill, Barbarito, Jonesy, Fussbett) are refugees from the old OMM forums.

I usually don’t bother posting unless I think that somebody is wrong, so you’re not likely to find many.

That explains a lot about you, actually.

See! This thread is already useful!

Chris Woods

And if the rule of majority tastes were applied to Qt3 generally with regard to the population at large, the whole forum would be pointless and unfunny. That’s at least one of the purposes of a niche forum that covers a lot of ground: turn over some rocks and see what’s crawling underneath.

So, to reiterate…there is nothing more useless than the thread police. There’s providing criticism and suggestions, and then there’s standing aloof being a wanker. I’m sure there’s a Koontzbot attack awaiting your input eagerly.

Sorry LK, I usually agree with a lot of what you write, but I am not a wanker for pointing out that the massively long AIM conversations that have been posted in this thread are just not very funny. It’s feedback - of a negative sort, sure - but it’s not thread policing. I didn’ ttell anyone they shouldn’t post it, I just told them it was crap. My perogative, as I’m sure you understand.

Of course. I suppose if you meant that as a criticism that is a very different matter. It was just the vein you were digging in that misled me. Well, that and the appeal to the majority. My mistake, then.

Fair enough. The “appeal to the majority” was simply my use of “we” 'cause the majority reaction to the thread was the same as mine - which isn’t usually the case. When it comes to a thread like this there’s not a lot I can offer in criticism apart from “I didn’t find it funny”. Ah well.

back to ganking people holding WoW funerals for their pets

Graeme is at his best in the smoking threads.

You can say it a few times, for emphasis.

I enjoyed this thread actually, but I was clever enough to not read any of the comedy and just read the out-of-context analogies.



Whatever else you may think of the chatlogs, they’re a HUGE improvement on ToutSuite’s earlier efforts here. (What thread was it where he inexplicably and unfunnily attacked Bill? Was that the Los Angeles meetup one?) I found this thread entertaining. Full disclosure: 1. I am a fast reader with a lot of patience, 2. I didn’t read the original thread and don’t give a shit about the noisy internet fallout from the Serenity Now thing, and 3. I’m on the “it was hilarious and perfectly acceptable to disrupt the MMO funeral” side of the issue, but 4. I’m not going to evangelize about it, because it’s not my job to give offended people a sense of perspective. Oh, and 5. I don’t see the point of funerals anyway. They’re kind of stupid when you think about it. All the real estate that graveyards take up pisses me off. And golf courses, fuck them too.

Honestly, I think we’re seeing the same problem in this thread as the Serenity Now issue: people having too much emotional investment in things that happen on the internet. And that’s also something that I get the impression is prevalent at Caltrops – an intense and passionate sense of struggle and loss that really matters to the people involved. I like opera as much as the next guy, but I’d rather leave it to the professionals, you know?

I have to apologize to ToutSuite, though. I don’t know how closely he follows Qt3, but ToutSuite, if you’re reading this, when you first posted here I thought you were a complete dick with no sense of humor. This thread has made me realize that I was wrong about the sense of humor… and it’s hard to think of anything better to be on the internet but a complete – but funny – dick. Where would we be without 'em? No OMM, that’s for damn sure. So long live the dicks.

Qt3ers, would you please let the hell up on Fussbett? If you really think his posts aren’t worth reading, try testing out that nice new ignore function. If you’re right, you won’t be missing anything! I’d like to think that with the average age around here being what it is, we’re too mellow for this forum war bullshit.