Anandtech visits NewEgg

As the title says, Anandtech takes a tour at NewEgg. Holy crap, I had no idea they were that large.

That’s a pretty huge facility. I’m not entirely surprised, though–lots of people order through Newegg, from all over the country.

It’s amazing how difficult supply chain management is, and the innovations that people come up with to make it work better.

Now I know what “shipping and handling” fees really cover.

And that’s just one of the facilities around the country. I wonder what percentage of all BYO pc hardware goes through Newegg?

How many big facilities could they have? There’s one in CA and definitely one in NJ, but I haven’t received packages from anywhere else. Anyone?

The article say they have a big one in Tennessee.

I think I saw the Ark of the Covenent in there.

I’ve gotten an increasingly large percentage of my NewEgg stuff from TN. Kind of a shame since I live in NYC and turnaround time for stuff shipped from NJ is less than 2 days.