And another franchise to F2P: Ghost Recon Online

Third person shooter… :/

edit: damn i didn’t know the images were this big

Production values are pretty good for a “free” game, at least.

Is this different from that game they showed at last year’s E3?



That game was a full budget AAA title for ps3/360/pc.

Why is there blue bits in their clothes?!

They are from the future, man.

Yup. It’s sort of a signature of the “modern” Ghost Recon franchise, starting with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. You know, when the franchise went to shit.

[EDIT]Went a little overboard there, sorry. What I meant was: “When the franchise took a different direction”[/EDIT]

I want a new Rainbow 6!!!

Guild Wars is apparently winning the culture war.

Also i just noticed that Soldier in the third screenshot is using exo-eskeleton legs :p

You are looking at his…eh…spanner

In his 2 legs? look at the first screenshot its there too :P

Now on Steam Early Access for selected areas.

During our early access phase, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online will be available to Steam users in Canada only

Boo-ya! Take that other countries!

I’ve heard the game sucks so I wouldn’t be too excited.

I said “Boo-ya”! We don’t get a lot…so give us our little bits here and there, will ya?

Let’s all blame (or pitty) Canada!

Only three years late! (it’s a 2011 game…)

This has been renamed to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms.

Have a code for this from Pax East worth 2200 coins. Just PM me if interested, first claim gets it.