And I will form the head Voltron, Netflix edition

Anyone else catch this on Netflix. It’s got a slow start to it, and there is a lot of hand waving going on, but I found the humor in it was top notch and they picked up some interesting voice actors (that I found recognizable and had to look up). Much like regular anime, the majority characters seem to be teens, but I think that’s a requirement for Voltron, so it has to be forgiven. The story has some pretty good beats to it, a lot of humor, and moves fairly fast after the initial few episodes.

Anyway, if you have a few hours, I would recommend it.

I’ve only seen the first episode, but loving it so far. They did a great job of preserving some of the flavor of the original, beyond merely the looks. I LOVED Voltron as a kid and now I get to watch the new one with my own kids!

Can we just hope that it spawns a new generation of toys, if nothing else?

Well, it probably will, but beyond that, it has earned some real positive reviews so far. The show is more then a little bingeable, since most episodes lead right to the next one nearly seemlessly. I would consider the show more of a mini series.

I’m pretty lost in this thread. There’s a show called “I will form the head Voltron” on Netflix?

I searched and found Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix. Nice, I found the show. Now, what is sharaleo talking about? Was there a previous Voltron series that spawned toys?

I assume he’s referring to the toys that were released with the original series. There have been others in between, but none as popular as the original.

How do you not know Voltron? I mean I guess if you are really young, but it was even referenced multiple times in the Deadpool movie.

That is a weird looking toy. It’s almost like a transformer/Gobot, but it can’t turn into anything practical?

Forge: I turned 40 yesterday, I’m not sure if that makes me too young or not. When I was kid, I used to watch the Battle of the Gobots rather than Transformers. But never heard of Voltron, I don’t think. There was a cartoon I remember from when I was 6 years old where a boy used to helm a giant robot. I used to love that show, but I was too young to retain much memory of any details of it. Was that Voltron? Or was that something else?

Edit: I seem to recall the robot used to launch from under a cave, maybe a waterfall close-by? Or was it a lake? I wish I remembered more but I was so young at the time. I think this was 1982 or 83. And I never saw it again after that.

“And I’ll form the head!”

Wow, does that not ring a bell? Did you miss Voltron in the 80’s?

Yep, that sounds like original lion Voltron.

Happy birthday, you old goat! ;P

Yep, that’d be Voltron:

Lion launch sequence:

Voltron formation sequence:

It turns into 5 friggin’ robotic lions! You can’t get more practical than that.

There is a comma missing from the title, which is my fault.

Anyway, now you can fill that void in your life that comes from not knowing Voltron.

Could have been Grandizer, Gaiking, or one of the other super robot shows included in Force Five too. The water launch was sort of common.

How’s the combat/action?

— Alan

I sampled the first episode. It’s a decent kids show but feels like it’s just a kids show, it’s not transcending beyond that like Avatar and Korra did.

I pretty much only know Voltron from the Get Your War On webcomic. It didn’t cross over to the UK at all, I think.

The first episode puts in a lot of exposition, so it starts off a bit slowly. The later episodes pick up the pace. The final fight scene is quite gripping.

Yes! Thoroughly enjoyed the first few episodes of this, my larvae approved as well. Not sure why the initial episode is garnering angst, I thought it was a fantastic introduction to the universe, especially if you weren’t an 80’s kid like me and brought your lions to school with all the other kids.

This reboot feels really fresh, moves right along, and has some great dialogue and banter. Lance is my favorite character; the smart-ass with an inflated ego archetype can get on your nerves, but it’s handled well here. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series.

That still didn’t ring much of a bell with me, it felt different from what I remember, so I searched a few robot/child animes from the time.

I think what I’m remember is Brave Raideen.