And just to prove Warners has complete lost it:

Joel Schumacher may direct Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. shudder While Batman Forever is my favorite Batman movie, there were enough wrong turns in it and the complete disaster of Batman & Robin to say he shouldn’t ever be involved in any comic project again.

See, the first sentence in your post totally validates your subject-line and gave me the same WTF experience as you.
But the sentence following shudder on the other hand invalidates every opinion you might have on film.
Batman Forever best Batman ?!?

That news story is hilarious.

Schumacher has delivered many good films including The Lost Boys, A Time to Kill, Falling Down, St. Elmo’s Fire, 8MM and Phone Booth.

That’s quite the loose definition of the word “good”. I don’t know how much sway Neil Gaiman has over this, but I’m fairly sure Schumacher wouldn’t be his first - or forty-first - choice. Quite frankly, I don’t think there are too many people who could pull off the look and feel of a Sandman movie. Del Toro or Cuaron, maybe.

The big advantage that Sandman has going for it is that the first ten-issue arc would work great as a movie. Imprisonment, serial killer conventions, Doctor Dee torturing a restaurant full of people, Morpheus winning the battle of wits in Hell, and a beautiful coda between Morpheus and his sister, Death. You could probably manage to squeeze all that in to two hours.

Thank you! I’m amazed people don’t get the difference.

This is kinda a non-story. Schumacher basically said off-handedly at a press conference “yeah, doing Sandman would be cool” not “I’m doing Sandman.” I’m pretty sure Gaiman would scuttle any film with JS at the helm, if he had any influence whatsoever.

Lost Boys is totally awesome. When I was 13, I went to see Falling Down in the theater with my parents. I thought that it was an action comedy. It is very good as an action comedy. I enjoy the road construction scene more and more with each passing Spring.

There was a time where I though Burton could have done it, but yeah Del Toro or Cuaron, maybe even Gilliam, if he wasn’t so flaky lately.

The scary part is many people (NOT including myself) feel that Batman Forever actually hit the mark of being most like the comic books. A lot of my comic buddies tell me its the best of the 4 original batman movies. I think they’re insane

I think it depends on when you read Batman. if you started reading in the 60s and like me in the 70s, Forever IS most like the comics. If you came in after Crisis, the burton Batmans are the closets. Batman Begins is more like the modern books but has its origins from Batman: Year One.

Batman forever is closest to the feel of the TV show, for what that’s worth.

In other words: crap!
It’s fine all you old guys have warm and fuzzy memories of watching it while your mom brought you cocoa and buttered rolls, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was campy crap. Batman Forever doesn’t even have the benefit of being made by stoned people on a low budget long time ago.
It’s just plain crap.

Hm… how will he fit the rubber nipples onto his costume?

I can’t verify this, but someone told me that Gaiman actually has quite a bit of control over the character - they can’t even use it in COMICS without his permission.

The old Batman show is designed so it’s awesome for little kids and funny (in surprisingly sophisticated ways for its time) for adults.

“But Batman, why?! Why would Catwoman do that?!”
“Because she’s a woman, Robin.”

I swear this exchange took place somewhere in there. Even for the 60’s, they have to mean this ironically… right?

Aside from that brief bit where Jim Carrey does that ridiculous British accent (“Batman, you say?”), I really didn’t like Batman Forever all that much. It’s saved from being consigned to the bottom of the pile by mere virtue of not being Batman vs. Robin. It then rises another step by being more watchable than the thoroughly unpleasant Batman Returns, which was much more about Burton than it was about Batman.

So, yeah, I’d rank Forever as the third-best, non-animated Batman movie, but only because it’s with such poor company.

Marriage (and divorce) will give that a whole new meaning.

So y’all didn’t like Falling Down?

Well… It was very… orange. I’ll say that for it.

And if it had been any more “on the nose” it would have needed rhinoplasty.

Schumacher isn’t completely incapable of making a decent film - it’s just very, very unlikely.

Particularly now, which is the real problem. The only redeeming films anyone can name from Schumacher are well over a decade old.

If Akiva Goldsman is tapped to write the Sandman screenplay, you will be seeing me on the news.

Ugh. Such great source material. So easy to get it wrong. I am not one those purists who hates everything Hollywood does with adapations but I can see tons of places where this could go off the rails. I almost can’t bear to look.

Back in the day, Gaiman was pretty excited by the idea of Roger Avary, so I doubt he’d try and get Schumacher thrown off it.

But, you know, if he’s still in tight with Zameckis after Beowulf, and considering The Z’s company has a shiny new deal with Disney, I could see NG trying to get an animated motion-capture Sandman film rather than officially back a Schumacher flick if it came down to it…