And now, your top 10 Qt3 Games... of the last decade!

I just can’t believe no one else voted for Hadean Lands. :)

I want to repeat what everyone else has said: thanks much to @Scott_Lufkin for organizing this and doing a great fantastic writeup (I got quoted! I feel special :) And thanks to @arrendek for making such a useful spreadsheet. (I want to tinker with it. Spreadsheet tinkering is a hobby of mine.)

The conclusion I draw from the top ten is that we are all a bunch of nerds!

Just as an FYI:

I ran the results one last time with the synonym for Eador and Luke_M’s late vote.

The changes to the top 20 are:
Bloodborne took Slay the Spire’s 16th place spot, which moved to 17th. Because Bloodborne moving broke a tie, Mass Effect 3 moved from tied for 17th to alone at 18th.

That is all.

It’s happening.

Now we just need to include @DaveLong’s votes. It’s too bad they’re still trapped inside his head.

Dark Souls is the best Dark Souls game. Duh. It is the only game in the series From Software never was able to quite replicate again in terms of level design.

They gave up and ethier gave you teleport and/or a hub location at the start a la Demon’s Souls. The secret best Dark Souls. Bloodborne’s late game areas, like Dark Souls actually, knock it down a couple notches. Unlike Dark Souls there are multiple areas and they are all critical path without a shortcut skip.

Also I think Bloodborne has the most bullshit gank squad in the entire series.

Maybe, but it’s hardly a “duh” thing. Ultima isn’t the best Ultima, GTA isn’t the best GTA, The Witcher isn’t the best Witcher, yada yada.

In this specific instance it is, but it is true you can’t extrapolate it out.

Eh… it’s ok. Like I said above, it’s only going to shift maybe one game and not to a position of importance. The stuff I play doesn’t line up very well with Qt3 most times.

Worse than the gank squad in the DS2 DLC?

I guess this is truer of me than I realized, 6 of my top 10 are games only I voted for.

4 out of my top 10 are games where I was the only voter (Nioh, DmC, Shovel Knight, & Might & Magic X: Legacy)

Only one overlap between my top 10 and the hivemind (Dark Souls)

But I did manage to pick an uninterrupted sequence from #30-33 (NieR: Automata, Age of Wonders III, Monster Hunter World, Into the Breach)

I had 2 that only I voted for, and 2 that only one other person voted for.

@geggis virtual high five on Rayman Origins.

It’s always been a very PC-centric board, which is just fine. I was once a lot more focused on the PC myself. I’ve just migrated away from it as a primary platform and an award over this much time almost requires a PC version to be at or close to the top of the list. I also tend to enjoy mainstream best selling games, or at the very least I give them enough time to understand why they’re so popular, and that’s not typical of most Qt3ers.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be my number one. Apex Legends would probably be my number two. Skyrim is in there in the top five. Titanfall 2 is in the top ten. Street Fighter V is up there. Given how much I played and loved Fortnite when I was playing it near nightly, I’d probably have that on my list too. Weird shit like Nintendo Land would likely be there as well. It’s still the best hardcore videogame to use to teach people how to play hardcore videogames. Xenoblade Chronicles maybe too.

Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS, Super Mario Odyssey, The Wonderful 101 (coming soon to Switch and PS4), Pikmin 3, Towerfall: Ascension, Shovel Knight, Game & Wario (Wii U), Fire Emblem Awakening (which got zero votes!)…

Rayman Origins is awesome but I’d probably go Legends because of effing KUNG FOOT!

Heh, I’m so PC-centric I didn’t notice the list was PC-centric but of course you’re right.

I hadn’t thought about it but I’m not sure I’ve actually played a console-only game that came out in the last decade.

Which would have put it one voter shy of the top 10, and moving from 15 to 12.

This isn’t just a PC-centric board, it’s also way, way above the average age of users for a gaming forum. I’d hazard a guess that the average person who posts on QT3 is at minimum 35. I know a lot of you (and myself) are older than that, but I’ve got to suppose there are a few youngsters that post here that would drive the number down a bit.

My point being, I always like this kind of list from QT3 because it’s a very different demographic than say /r/gaming or something.

Interesting to look at what the top 10 were if everyone had voted unranked, i.e. in order of vote count:

  1. Witcher 3
  2. Skyrim
  3. XCOM 2
  4. Portal 2
  5. Rimworld
  6. Diablo 3 & Mass Effect 2 (tie)
  7. Minecraft
  8. Kerbal Space Program & RDR 2 (tie)

EUIV drops out of sight, and a couple of games that featured strongly in many lists, but didn’t top anyone’s–e.g. RDR2 and Portal 2–gain some footing.

And then the list by order of most #1 votes:

  1. TW3
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Skyrim
  4. EUIV
  5. KSP
  6. Minecraft & CKII (tie)
  7. Diablo 3, Rimworld, TLOU, Bloodbourne, & ME3 (4-way tie)

Nothing else got more than one #1. You can see the strategy games emerge, which means they earned their places on the list due to the passion of a few members rather than broad appeal.

Couldn’t agree more. My tastes (clearly) don’t line up perfectly, but you all are far more “my people” with regards to this stuff than the population of most gaming boards.

Hey, I almost voted for Nioh until I realized the Call of Pripyat rest-of-world release was 2010!