And now, your top 10 Qt3 Games... of the last decade!

Yeah, I had it on my list, then took it off, then had it on, then took it off. It’s a really great game that I absolutely loved beginning to end. Much more so than Titanfall 2, in fact, where I’m still stuck in the factory level, I believe. That level was a brick wall for me. And before that level, I never had the kind of fun that I had in Doom 2016.

It’s RimWorld not Rimworld.

Hahaha that’s partially my fault. My algorithm expects some people to misspell/capitalize, so it uses the majority of user’s spellings/capitalization/whatever to determine how to present the game. 10 people voted for “Rimworld” and 8 people voted for “RimWorld” so it decided that the former was the correct capitalization and here we are. :D

This is actually a good example of the whole PC vs Console debate in the other thread. I got the game on the PS4 and I’m just too bad with a controller so could never even finish the tutorial when they start teaching you wall running. So yeah, I never actually played the main game, perhaps if I’d gotten a PC copy and could use the M/KB controls things would be different…

Yeah, perhaps RDR1 & 2 kinda cancelled each other out? Otherwise I’d have expected at least one of the rockstar games to make the top 10 (GTA or RDR)

Together they would have had 220 points, which would put them in 5th place. Just like together Mass Effect 2 and 3 would have been 300 points, a potential 4th place. But in each case they’re pretty different games. I guess if we had a more aggressive campaigner who was able to convince people to combine the games into series entries.

That’s a pretty decent list of games. Thanks for all that work! Considering I didn’t play a full half of the top 10 and only booted up EUIV for a few minutes of play, I can’t complain. Only three of my listed games were in the top 10, but a solid eight were in the top 50 of the decade. I’m sad to see that Journey didn’t even hit in the top 100, and Pillars of Eternity should have had more love.

Pillars of Eternity - 63
Life is Strange - 19
Journey - 105
Guild Wars 2 - 42
Diablo 3 - 8
Grim Dawn - 27
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 2
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 1
Sid Meier’s Civilization V - 21
Fallout: New Vegas - 19

Now let’s filter the games by year of release and retroactively adjust the QT3 games of each year of the decade…

Crusader Kings II at eleven!!! I demand a recount…

I would have campaigned against that notion. Civ 5 was one of my favorite games of the decade, while I very much dislike Civ 6… It wouldn’t have made sense to combine them to me.

Surprised that everyone fell off the WoW wagon this decade. I would have named WoW as my game of last decade but I quit cold turkey around the time of Mists of Pandaria.

Thank you! Cool stuff.

Four of my top 10 appeared on precisely no one else’s list. So I’m the very definition of niche.

I checked back to see if voting differently would have pushed it into the top 10, but nope, it’s already my #1 pick.

Mine too! Although Dead Cells and Dungeons of Dredmor are the ones that really got no love

By the way, you guys can check out the config-synonyms sheet to see just how much variation we have to handle manually because y’all are bad at using correct names, lol.

Of course the first dozen and a half or so are leftovers from when I copied it over from the yearly vote.

We need a poll to vote out some of the top ten and then vote others in from the top 20 or so. And the weight of each vote should be determined by how closely they match my own.

I think we need a poll to see which poll we need the most.

I’m pretty happy that I repped a couple of games that probably wouldn’t be on the spreadsheet at all otherwise.

I weep for Dragon’s Dogma.

It’s funny, only one game I voted for made it into the top 10. The top five are an almost ideal list of “very popular games I didn’t care for/bounced off of.”

Well, vinraithety is the spice of life.

Yeah, that probably came out crankier than I meant it to. I should revisit some of these. I like the idea behind all of them, I just didn’t get on with the execution (at least at the time).