And people want to knock the teenie bopper's lyrics

Maybe its the kittens dressed as vikings, but the lyrics come off pretty stupid once you see them actually printed out.


Well, if Britney or NSYNC played guitar like Zeppelin you’d have an arguement on your hands. They may not have been the worlds best lyricists, but they were still at least musicians, and pretty good ones at that.

That last sequence is brilliant*
I dunno Chet. “On we sweep with, the threshing oar” is something Brittany’s songwriters could never come up with.

in the pond

I agree the music is great, hell the song is even great with those lyrics. I left it looping for a while, but Bub grabbed the line that broke me.

I am not sure if this song makes a case for or against legalizing drugs.


I hate fucking Macromedia Flash. The only good use of Flash is for Mr. Wong. That’s it. That’s all. There is nothing else.

Then stop fucking it. It’ll still respect you in the morning. It might even cuddle.


I’ll raise you one (among many) grammatical errors in this month’s issue of Computer Games magazine. It’s on page 81. Surprise, it’s an Andrew Bub review!

grammar is soo 2001.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Well, I’m glad that he’s surprised it’s an Andrew Bub review.

Spelling error on page 83: it should be raison d’etre.

Yours truly,
The Spelling Weenie

[size=6]Raison d’être.[/size]

So? I did not know how to type zee accent circonflexe. Mordez-moi.

Weenies are nothing, if not completists.

You are no longer able to advance in Weenie levels until you get your alignment back to True Nitpick. You’re lucky that we changed to 3rd edition rules.

I don’t think anyone ever held Robert Plant up as a paragon of songwriting. In fact, it was really that band’s only major flaw. Fortunately for them he managed to be obscure or incoherent enough to hide that fact for quite a while. I still remember the day in college when I was listening to Houses of the Holy and realized, “wait a minute, these lyrics suck!”. It was kind of like that Far Side comic where the cows realize that they’ve been eating grass. Great music, though.

Oh well, cool link. Thanks.

And in other Zeppelin news…