And the PS3 hardware failures begin!

Last link crashes Firefox, FYI.

Didn’t crash Firefox for me. I’m running version 2.0.

Didn’t crash it for me, either.

Damn you Sony!

Just so people aren’t confused, the first 2 links are from different people, the last 4 are all from the same guy.

First one is just a demo kiosk, so really only two people with bad PS3’s.

Yeah, just in case you didn’t know, the PS3 can’t be put inside of any enclosed area without good air circulation. The odd part is that pretty much every PS3 kiosk I’ve seen is exactly that. I’ve seen plenty of hard-lock “screenshots” of Resistance at the local stores.

Yeah. Nearly every kiosk I see is locked. They keep the things running 24/7, and don’t give them proper ventilation. Smart.

So, how many QT3’ers are furiously beating it to the thread title?



hides in shame

Inevitable, but doesn’t really surprise me. There are going to be these types of things with any piece of electronic equipment.

The PS3 is so badly engineered that merely watching a video of one will crash your browser!!

PS3’s are quiet, I’ve heard. Seems they left the fans out.

I finally saw the one at Best Buy working today. Motorstorm looks nice, but not like anything the 360 couldn’t do.

The one at my local Best Buy was working earlier this week, but today it was turned off. Two salesdrones were fussing over it; apparently it’s dead.


Quit playing with yer Wii!

Is Wii (wee?) = dick an American thing? Here wee-wee is urine, and to go wee or to take a wee is to urinate. So really, you’re telling Gary to stop playing with his piss.

There have to be at least five to ten threads based on that tromik. Just search it up on Qt3.

Furriner, eh?