And the winner of 2020's final review request is...

Title And the winner of 2020's final review request is...
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When December 7, 2020

Here are the latest review requests from my Patreon supporters, followed by my counter-recommendations. Think of it as a broad overview of what my Patreon supporters are doing, along with a look at what I've been doing as well..

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Amusingly, Sakuna is on my Switch wishlist already. It definitely seems up my alley, if I can swing the platforming portions! Good call on your part.

And I’ll totally recommend DQ11…once you finish the remaining 50 episodes of SPOP! :-D

Sundered totally is procedurally generated, Tom. Says so right on the store page.

Also I’m just going to point out the Amazon Utopia is based on a British TV show of the same name that is very good. I haven’t heard anything to make me think the Amazon version is worth watching (and it got cancelled, I believe), but the original is terrific. And gorgeous. Some incredibly striking use of color.

Ah, thanks for the correction on Sundered, @malkav11. Since it’s not a rogue-like in that you reroll the levels when you die, I had assumed it was as hand-built as it is hand-drawn.

The British series was also canceled. Womp womp. :(


Hey, the Charles Manson’s Hollywood season of YMRT works for me, should it win. :)

I feel like that season-long podcast should be a required listen before watching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

And I’ve never seen Night Moves all the way through – just like 10-15 minute bits on cable way back in the 1980s. So that’s in the queue!

Well, to be fair, we were too young to appreciate it back then. Here’s the Official Qt3 Night Moves (Not the Excellent Kelly Reichardt Movie) Thread.


Got two seasons, though, which is more than Amazon’s did.

I recently bought a game based solely on the artwork, but fortunately discovered it was a pretty good game about jockeying for a limited pool of victory points through conflict, subterfuge, and economic development in a weird fantasy world full of brightly colored artwork. It’s called Fate of Fantos.

I like to think I keep up with boardgames, but I’ve never even heard of that one!

Check out the artwork:

6.4 on Boardgame Geek, bitches!


The designer’s name is “Darth Rimmer.”

That’s psychedelic as fuck Tom. Makes me think of a new Tabletop game… Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City

Damn I wish I’d gotten in on this Kickstarter for the full ensemble

I love “Night Moves” so much. Almost everything Hackman did in the '70s is nails.

Fief 1429 (which I believe is the proper title of the new edition) left me cold, mostly because no one else at the table was (or could possibly have been) as fully invested in the intersection of board games and medieval history as I was, but I will always love it for having non-coterminous jurisdictions between bishoprics and duchies. European history is full of conflict and intrigue spurred by one independent lord technically being vassal of another for a handful of castles, two enemies technically being co-rulers of the same county, or someone only technically owing fealty with a raft of exceptions, so I appreciate that a game exists that takes that vast ocean of gray area and turns it into interesting friction between players. No matter how neatly you draw your borders, you’re always sitting on the last piece of someone’s duchy or bishopric and they will always be tempted to take it from you.

Also, I love Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex and have always sold it as the most scrupulously cyberpunk police procedural you’ve ever watched. The second season has better individual episodes, but the first season’s prescience to be about internet-based stochastic terrorism deserves all the respect I can give for being over a decade ahead of its time.

You can’t go wrong with Muderbot, can you? I’ve read the first two thanks to your recommendation, Jeremy, and they’re great. Just an absolute delight!

I’m tremendously glad to hear you’re enjoying them! If I recall correctly we’re getting another one in summer of next year, so you’ve got some time to catch up yet. :)

The next time I have access to HBO I’ll have to check our your counter-recommendation.

Whoa. TWO Cosmic Frog requests?

Holy crap. I don’t know anyone else that played Amazing Cultivation Simulator.

Technically, the box says Cosmic Frog: World Eaters from Dimension Zero: A Game of Strategic Gluttony. “Cosmic Frog” will suffice as shorthand.

Yeah, look at that artwork! Nice! Why didn’t I appreciate trippy stuff like this when I was a kid? I was always freaked out by this sort of thing. But now I love it.

I would complain that they’re too short, but that’s because they’re as good as they are. I just love the central concept of an insecure rogue AI and I especially love how Wells’ uses first person to make him so relatable. Kind of even adorable.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to play this as much as I’d like, because it tends to take a long time and leave some of the players unsatisfied because they got locked out of whatever winning deal won the game. But I can’t bring myself to put it on the “get rid of it” pile. It’s just too unique as far a game about playing the table.

Okay, well now you’ve made me want to watch it.


What’s the white board reference in the winner video?

Hah! No, I’m not watching it, but there’s not much I’d dismiss out of hand as “beneath me”. It’s more a case of not wanting to sign up for Disney plus just for The Mandalorian, and JJ Abrams’s Ready Player Star Wars making me not want to think about Star Wars for a good while.