And Then There Were Two: Tennis After Roger Federer

Both players have had periods of excellent play, and both players have had periods of relatively poor play. I thought Zverev had taken control of the match with his big comeback — from 2-5 to 7-5 — in the third set, but then he was unaccountably unable to hold serve in the fourth.

Stupid f*cking Roland Garros and their refusal to use technology to check line calls. Zverev gets robbed of the break to get back on serve.

Zverev is 6 for 23 on break point chances, while Alcaraz is 9 for 16. That’s basically the match right there. Zverev made too many mistakes on important points, against a player who looked beatable.

Alcaraz has such amazing technique and the way he can use his wrist to hit winners from impossible positions I’ve never seen before. Very uncommon in tennis. Hopefully he can go on to win some grand slam records, he is only 21.

Andy Murray may be retiring after exactly 1000 matches. Lovely. Hurt himself again at Queens so might not make his Wimbledon finale.