And Then There Were Two: Tennis After Roger Federer

Seems like it was his girlfriend and her friends heckling Zverev during the match? At least that seems to be the story.

I was (briefly) musing about how funny it would be for Tommy Paul and Taylor Fritz to make the finals, after all the complaining we have heard for years about the lack of American contenders. Fritz could still get there, I guess. He seems likely to beat Musetti, at least.

De Minaur withdraws due to an apparently bad hip injury. Djokovic gets a walkover into the semifinals.

Wow, Taylor Fritz blew a big opportunity today.

Semifinals are set.

Alcaraz vs Medvedev
Djokovic vs Musetti

So likely Djoker vs either of other two in the finals. Both are capable of winning. Even Musetti could beat Djokovic, especially if he has some physical issues. He’s just a month off knee surgery.

I guess we get Alcaraz vs Djokovic rematch Sunday.

I think Paolini just sunk her own chances here with that double fault. Down a break in the 3rd set now.

Edit: And there it is.

Alcaraz Djokovic just had a heck of a first game. Novak broken.

Going to avoid spoiling this for anyone still to watch. But whoa :)

McEnroe the elder just said (paraphrasing) that this match “looks like a spry 21-year-old versus a sluggish 37-year-old” and that pretty much sums it up so far, though it’s still early.

I was skeptical if Alcaraz’ body could hold up well enough to win two slams in a year given his injury issues but, regardless of the outcome here, he’s cleared my mind of that doubt.

Could be a banner day in sports for Spain.

Or Spain use up their karma here leaving none for later :)

Djokovic had to be sharp, and he was not sharp.

Great match. I didn’t really believe in a passing of the guard last year since it was so close. Now I believe it. Djokovic just got unlucky that someone like Alcaraz came around so soon after Fed and Nadal retired.

It was too lopsided to be a great match IMO. Last year’s match was much better.

Well, this one was great in splatches. The first game in the first set. Another long one in the second was great. And then two or three of them on the third set.

Alcaraz is something. Four majors at 21. He may challenge Djokovic’s 24 if he can stay injury-free.

Alcaraz has the best drop shot I’ve seen. It’s really a weapon. That half-volley drop shot near the end of the third set may be the best drop shot I’ve ever seen.