And we thought Apple was bad

Behold the new GBA SP.

PS screw the micro now I want this bad boy.

Feh, now I hate my DS.


Isn’t the micro just as bright?

Hahaha, hooboy. It’s ironic because the Micro is even more irrelevant now.

The Micro is similarly bright, yes. There’s a possibility the Micro will now be priced at $79.99, same as the SP. It’s listed for that price on Nintendo’s website right now.


Are you serious? Fucking cock gobblers. I am taking my money off that micro preorder I have.

Toys R Us was seling in store preorders of the Micro for $89

Coming soon: the brighter DS.

You know, Nintendo’s portables are only cheaper than the PSP when you forget to factor in the fact that they sucker you into buying a new one every year or two.

I would argue that this is a rather large improvement of the unit.

Dave the micro is listed as 99.99 on the nintendo site.

Meh, bullshit. A DS for $130 and a GBA SP for $80 are still cheaper than a PSP.

Yeah, but I also bought the original GBA for like $100 (or whatever it was selling for then), then upgraded to an SP because the GBA’s screen sucked ass. If I were to pick up a DS, I’d be over the cost of a PSP already, and that’s before we even get into “new brighter SP” and GBA Micro territory.

Is that DS in sunlight mode or something, mine is nowhere near that dark.

Earlier today it was listed at $79.99. It started a huge thread at GAF. They must have made a mistake then. :(


Given how many people have had to buy two PS2s because they fail, let’s wait a year before we find out if you really only have to spend $250 for a PSP.


Yeah, seriously.

Anyway, $180 for one gen and $130-150 for the next. Still cheaper.

Is the DS really a next gen system, though, or a revised GBA? If it’s Nintendo’s next gen handheld, then they cut the GBA’s generation even shorter than Microsoft did with the Xbox. I’m not sure how that’s better.

And yeah, if my PSP dies on me, then obviously I’m going to be pissed. But that’s a pretty weak rebuttal, in that it’s pure speculation. I mean, maybe your DS will give you cancer! Then you’ll wish you had bought a PSP.

Finally, your prices are off. The GBA and the SP both launched at $100, so that’s $200 for that generation. Add a DS, and that’s $350 worth of hardware in the space of three and a half years. If Sony wanted me to replace my PSP in that timeframe, I’d be pissed about that, too.

No the DS is not a next gen system. Its like the third pillar or wtfever they called it.

Nintendo certainly isn’t expecting you to buy the GBA SP again. That’s just crazy talk. If you do, then great. There are still many millions of people they can sell them to and apparently they can do that without losing money now with a backlit screen.

Would you rather they didn’t upgrade the unit when the option comes available? You’d probably be going bonkers if you knew they could and then they didn’t for some reason.


Speculation based entirely on facts. Every Sony first-gen hardware release has had problems and shown an extreme lack of durability. Every. Single. One.