And we're watching sports news and... PENIS!

No, not safe for work.


You trying to steal my schtick?

That was your schtick? I didn’t even know you were athletic!

Heh, not that schtick. I’m talking about penis threads, of course. :)

I can’t believe that was a black guy. I guess it is a myth.

Maybe he just got outta the shower.

Shrinkage, old boy. Shrinkage.

Exactly what I thought.

I’m fairly certain that this sample size is too small to make any sort of blanket judgments. No pun intended.

Hey man, some guys are Showers, and some are Growers.

Are you kidding me? That’s hot water.

Are you kidding me? That’s hot water.[/quote]

Exactly. Hot water turns even the most George Castanza of us into Dr. Zhivago.

BTW, anyone actually ever seen any interviews in female athlete’s locker rooms??

You’ve never heard of shrinkage?