And you thought our debates got raucus?

I’m not sure if this is evidence in support of Fareed Zakaria’s thesis in his book The Future of Freedom, my teeter-theory of US politics or just the general decline of western civilization.


Nobody caught it on tape? Man, parlimentary brawls are the best!

It’s amazing what these morons will do to flaunt their power. Fucking crybabies, all of them!

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., likened Thomas to Sheriff Bull Connor, the civil rights-era Birmingham, Ala., sheriff and staunch segregationist. Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., held aloft a copy of Jefferson’s rules of civility and asserted: “This is not what Jefferson had in mind, nor I believe our founding fathers.”

AND they played the race card! BRAVO !!!

One of the problems facing the Republicans (and the nation) right now, is that there are a number of fundametalist radicals who have no interest in the kind of negotiation and debat that make government work. They’re also pulling some nasty BS against the Democrats. Childish games that are probably unconstitutional.

As for the fight, Mr. Stark is a tough guy, but he is 72 years old.

…there are a number of fundametalist radicals who have no interest in the kind of negotiation and debat that make government work.

The less this government works, the better off we all are. Look at the way these jokers play games, do we really need these types of people deciding how to spend our 2 trillion dollars a year? None of them have any shame, Democrat or Rebublican.[/i]

One of the very few times I have ever agreed with Mulligan. We’d be better off if we could clean house and create a new system.

“Oh, you think you are big enough to make me,” Stark responded, according to witnesses. “You little wimp. I said come over here and make me. I dare you. You are a little fruitcake. You are a little fruitcake. I said you are a fruitcake.”

Classic. I must save this whole article somewhere to show to my children. What a shoolyard, melodramtic bunch of whining, do-nothing shit breathers. I could add adjectives all the live long day. I hate, hate, hate politics. My sincere little message to people on the Hill: [size=2]Fuck you up the ass![/size]

As bmulligan so aptly pointed out, it sure is nice to see the race card used as a tool for debate. Again! Its also nice for us native Alabamians, since our state always finds its way into the race baiting. We have a less than stellar past (slight understatement) where race relations are concerned, but dammit if people do not act as if we were the genesis of all racism which ever occured in this country.

Has anyone found any mentions of this anywhere else? I cannot find anything. CNN had a blurb about it and then hurried to around the clock coverage of the Kobe Skandal.

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article on this topic:

Seems to be fairly similar to the SF Chronicle story (btw for those not familiar with the Bay Area, the SF Gate website is the web version of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper).

Just to demonstrate this is not a “liberal media” thing, here’s a link to Fox News

Interestingly in the two liberal papers, it is mentioned that Thomas called the cops BEFORE Stark’s name calling. In the Fox News piece, it says that Thomas called the cops AFTER the name calling. Which is accurate? Dunno yet.


Thanks. I just got all riled up because I see this as what probably goes on daily with our government officials. Maybe to a slightly lesser degree, but it seems they argue like kids on the playground, don’t get their way and either fight or pick up their ball and go home.

Ah, ‘liberal media’. I love that old sawhorse. Makes me giggle every time somebody says it.

For what its worth, standards of Congressional debate are far, far more civil than they were in the 19th century. They had duels, for chrissakes.

Did they have them in the capitol?

We have a working system that’s been overwhelmed by corporate greed and influence. For all the shuck and jive you don’t have to look deep to see that the poison in our body politic is the money from the outside.

The whole “lets kill the government” meme fits right into the ability for the corporations to exert more power over a public that is angry and uninvolved. Anarchy is no “quick fix”.

There’s been thousands of years of human history, and none of it has been simple or perfect. Things work because people put energy into making them work. Our system is pretty good. Good enough that there are many prosperous countries who have based at least part of thier model on ours.

Senator Charles Sumner of Massachussetts nearly beaten to death at his desk on the Senate floor.

Ah, the good old days.