And you thought the original Xbox was big

Take a look at the Alpha dev kits.

The Gamecube one is pretty massive, too:

The Gamecube kit needs some toggle switches and LEDs on the front.

That shit has NOTHING on the PS3 dev kits.

Fucking thing looks like it was the direct offspring of something out of the 50s.

Yeah. The PS3 devkit are the size of dormroom refrigerators.

The GDEVs werent as big as that picture makes them seem. The earliest Dolphin devboxes were Apple Macs.

The Dreamcast devkit was the size of a mini-tower PC.

The early Nintendo DS dev kits were two large circuit boards about the size of a folded newspaper. Wires flying everywhere. The controls were little black buttons soldered on the top. Today, it’s just a regular Nintendo DS unit with a break-out box.

That thing looks like something I worked on in the navy that was 40 years old that they still used for some ungodly reason.

Oh yeah and having seen that Xbox Dev kit in the flesh really its not that big because well hello! its just a pc tower.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Why is there a giant ice cream sandwich wired up to it, though?

Those were the alpha kits. Today’s xbox dev kits are the same as an xbox, except made of clear plastic, and about an inch taller. Debug kits are the same size as the xbox, except made of clear green plastic.

Everyone is forgetting to talk about the noise. Dear god, the noises from all of them.

We now have an entire room for the loud ones that we call “the server room”. Works for us, because we don’t usually care about the video output, and if we need to see what’s on the screen, we can just parse the frame buffer.

I still think I have hearing loss from a period of having a T10K and T15K running together in the same office…

Uh… prototype controller for the new ice cream sandwich eating game?

  • Alan

Actually, ours are black. I actually prefer the black look to the others.

Noise Cancelling Headphones. Especially when the fans go bad and pick up that high end whine.

Headphones won’t help the cumulative monthly 1d10 SAN loss from writing PS2 code, however…

Actually, ours are black. I actually prefer the black look to the others.[/quote]

But you’re referring to the 360, not the original? I’ve never seen anything other than clear and green for the original.

As far as weight goes, I think the G5 360 alpha kit has the PS3 engine block beat, although I haven’t actually tried to pick up a PS3 kit yet.

What are the requirements for the old dev kits? Do they have to be destroyed? It seems to me they’d be very desireable as collectors Items.

They all look like very high quality contruction boxes that would be perfect for making a “Yoshi’s Box” type system.

They go back to MS/Sony/Nintendo/whatever.

Contrary to popular belief, companies never actually ‘own’ the devkits. As soon as they cease being a licensed developer, the devkits get taken back.

The original “XDK” was, as I recall, literally just a PC with a funny case.

I remember four years ago at MS - a bunch of us managed to get ahold of those machines and use them for self hosting test OS’s.