Android calendar question

I have an old G1, and on my Google Calendars account I have my calendar, my partner’s calendar and the Auburn football schedule. However, only mine and my partner’s calendars show up on my G1, and when I go into the G1 calendar menu to add a calendar (trying to add the Auburn schedule), only those two show up, and they both have check marks next to them.

I cleared my calendar storage so that it would re-sync, but I’m still having the same problem.

Any ideas? Could this be some sort of ownership issue that keeps some third-party calendars from syncing with devices?


I have lots of calendars displayed on my google calendar when viewed on the web but the only ones that ever appear on my android phone are the ones I have full read/write access to.

Okay, that’s probably my problem, then. Thanks.

The sports calendars are not added to your ‘real’ calendar. I have the Lakers, Raiders, Dodgers, Angels, Trojans, and Bruins on my computer calendar but to have those act like a real appointment would be a problem :)

Yeah, it probably would be a hassle if they behaved like real appointments, but it would be nice to be able to look at my phone to remind me of when the next Auburn game is. I guess I’ll need to add those manually.