Android chrome autocorrect not working on qt3

Other forums i frequent seem to work fine, even subject line correctly applies autocorrect, but the body does not, i just get a red underline. Anyone having the same problem?

@stusser @Clay @tomchick

I don’t have any way to check on an Android device, but autocorrect seems to be worked in the body on a browser. Are you saying you haven’t had this issue with other Discourse forums, or is it maybe just an issue with Discourse?


I’m not frequenting any other discourse forums, but the few i use on different platforms work just fine.

I also deleted cookies etc.

Same problem in Samsung Internet browser that I’m testing now.

Auto correct and the predictive keyboard on Android work exactly the same way for me in Discourse as when I write texts or WhatsApp messages. But as I slide to type (not sure whether you have that enabled), it might be different for you.

Works as expected for me though.

Thanks for info, must be something on my end. It stopped working on google search widget too but works fine everywhere else.

I tried resetting the settings but no dice. Fwiw this started today it seems.

I’m having a similar issue, also on Android and chrome…

Are you using a samsung keyboard? Im thinking of installing 3rd party keyboard to test

Ok Google keyboard seems to work here but not in the Google widget , interesting . Still not as good as Samsung keyboard though.