Android Chrome forum problems?

Still having all kinds of trouble posting with Android. It seems to happen mostly when I post often on the forum, but it doesn’t effect numbers or symbols, just letters. It’s getting quit frustrating. It seems almost daily.

Give me a set of steps to repro the problem – that’s required for us to fix anything.

One suggestion: if this is happening, refresh the browser (reload the page) to see if that helps. Post drafts are auto-saved every 40 seconds to the server so you’ll never lose anything, look for the word ‘saved’ to appear below the editor.

I have the Android/Chrome disappearing post text problem, too. From what I can tell, it most frequently happens when I start writing a post (I usually quote other posts), then switch to another tab, or a new one, usually to look up something that I want to reference in my post (wikipedia or whatever).

Having a long post that’s idle for a long time may be part of it. On mobile, I sometimes stop and come back to finish a post hours later.

Then, when I switch back, I can type, but the words don’t appear in the post edit box. It still seems to think the letters are there, because even though the cursor doesn’t move, if I press delete, it deletes the invisible letters.
I can also delete stuff that I wrote on the draft before navigating away, but I can’t add new content.

I’m not sure what would happen if I pressed reply while the invisible letters were there.

Also, I have kind of a lot of tabs open in mobile chrome (20 ish).

I’ll keep an eye out for specific repro steps next time I see it.

Oh, and refreshing the page for a saved draft does work, that’s what I generally do to resume typing.

Just happened while writing this post:

Quotes, started writing, opened a new tab to get the link, so I had to Google around a bit. Copied the link URL, and when I came back, couldnt type any letters.
I could paste, and it let me type punctuation, but letters didn’t show up, and they also didn’t display when I hit post. Also, the one boxing seemed to do weird stuff with that link, maybe you can see the edit history as an Admin.

If this is related to out of memory or 10-20 tabs then I suggest using the “refresh the page” workaround.

Yeah, I should try dumping a handful of tabs to see if it solves it. But…so precious…

Hey @wumpus @clay et al -

Discourse has been really janky for me on desktop and mobile Chrome for the last week or so. Seems to be something related to keeping data within a session. Hard-refreshing the site seems to fix the issues, which start to pop up if I click across 2+ intra-site links without manually refreshing:

  • displaying the wrong thread content, but the correct header when trying to open a thread from a thread I’m already browsing
  • " something went wrong :( "
  • Bottom content (bookmark etc buttons, suggested topics) fails to load at bottom of thread
  • Additional posts fail to load at bottom of current thread view
  • Probably others I didn’t document because my day job isn’t QAing Discourse ;)

Hmm, is there any way to reproduce those errors reliably? Like a set of steps to make it happen over and over?

We are updating our client-side library, Ember, from 1.12 all the way to 2.10 which is a major change, we try to test as much as we can – we’re currently on 2.4 – but it’s entirely possible stuff has regressed.

If you can reproduce these errors let us know, so we can take a look.

(I have been updating here regularly every day or two, just updated to latest again.)

I’m aware of what a repro case is ;)

Chrome Version 54.0.2840.99 m

Basically using the bottom nav from any thread has about an 80% chance to change the header but not the posts…it’s maybe taking me to the same thread index in the wrong thread? But like I said, the header is correct.

From the /unread page, if I hit the “View Latest” link, it approaches on 100% taking me to the “network error :(” page.

Assorted other errors seem related to whatever the change that started this behavior. Like just now, I tried going from an empty /unread to the H&T latest view, and I got “network error :(”

In all cases, refreshing via browser control (F5 or regular button, not force-refresh via shift-F5 or whatever the modifier is that I never remember until I have to use it again is) fixes things until they break again.

But what causes the break? Just continued topic navigation? Having a billion tabs open in Android Chrome? What?

I will power up my Nexus 7 and give this a go later.

Nope, I don’t have a billion tabs open or anything.

And yeah, it’s clicking the relative links within Discourse on an already-loaded page that seems to do it.

Collecting all the Android Chrome issue posts in here so we can troubleshoot this.

When I try to play an embedded video and click on the full screen icon it just jumps back to a point further up in the thread.and plays without resizing.

This is an android Chrome issue?

Ah, Chrome but not on Android. Never mind.

I am on my Nexus 7 (2013) with fully updated everything and I can’t repro this. Here is what I am doing:

  1. Enter a random hardware topic
  2. Scroll to bottom
  3. Pick a suggested topic and tap it

I did this 15-20 times and I got the topic as expected each time.

I can’t repro any of the other network errors reported either… Is there anything on your network that would be interfering? Routers, antivirus, anything installed on your Android device that would muck with connections?

Does anyone else get the bizarro “back button doesn’t always actually take you to the most-recent page” bug I described in another thread on Android Chrome?

To recap, sometimes, while browsing in my typical way on mobile (go to Latest page and, in a single tap, open each thread I’m interested in from Latest, read it, then hit back to get back to Latest and click the next thread), when I hit back in a thread, instead of taking me to the actual most-recent thing (Latest), it will instead take me back to the last thread I’d been reading previously. Pressing back again takes me out entirely.

For reference’s sake:

Open Forum in tab:

  1. Open Latest
    2A. Open thread A from Latest, then hit Back
  2. on Latest, click thread B
    2B. from thread B, hit Back
    2A. Rather than arriving back at Latest, I’m somehow back in Thread A again

Wait, don’t you end up wth a zillion tabs that all have latest in them with this strategy? Do you eventually close tabs? Why not close the tab when you are done with the topic, rather than pressing the back button?

All of this is in a single tab. Hence why I expect the back button to consistently take me back to the most-recent page (which, under this style of navigation, is always Latest).

I’m not seeing the topic title now in mobile chrome when I pull down (scroll up) like it used to. I see a bar come down, but no title on it like before.