Android Chrome forum problems?

There was never a topic title on the top bar, just the site logo. Or maybe I am not following you? Can you post a screenshot?

@ArmandoPenblade yes, that should work fine. So basically just forward and back, which is normal usage. We should have a ton of complaints if that isn’t working reliably.

I’m probably just remembering wrong. But most sites I go to give you a header for where you are when you pull down so I probably just got confused.

We have a fixed header. Tap the progress bar to expand and see topic title etc.

FWIW I get the same error as Armando from time to time on both Android and desktop Chrome. Not often enough that I thought to complain (and also because I found no way to repro). At first I assumed I was doubleclicking my mouse but going forward and back confirms that Latest never appeared in the middle.

I get the posting error of unable to type when on Android Chrome. Enough that I’ve mostly given up on doing it.

However, I’ll see if I can duplicate the issue to something reproducable, Wumpus. I run light on concurrent apps and few if any extra tabs. It shouldn’t be memory related.

I have found that if I can’t type on the forum using Android Chrome, cancelling out of reply (abandoning my post) and pressing the home button, and then relaunching chrome usually resolved it.

Any other Android Chrome issues lately?

No problems at all here, Wumpus. At least not in quite some time.

I still get the “Pressing back leads to the last thread I was reading, not the actual last page I was on (which was the Latest page)” error on my Galaxy S7E running 7.0 and whatever the latest version of Android Chrome is. It’s intermittent and I’ve literally never been able to figure out a way to force it to happen or noticed any behavior that leads to it, so I just deal with the minor occasional (maybe 1x/day) annoyance :)