Android Flagship laundry list 2015:

Yeah, it’s basically apple pay, except it doesn’t require a fingerprint and works with a passcode. Seems fine. Pity so many android devices were sold without NFC, though.

I just made the switch back from Windows Phone to Android (I got a deal on Galaxy Alpha). Lollipop colors, omg; I really need to look at rolling back to Kitkat 4.4.4.

In any event, as went into the AT&T store for a SIM, I had a chance to see the S6/S6 Edge/ S6+ Edge. Wow. That is easily the most impressive phone hardware I have ever seen in person. Not that I am rushing out to spend $800+ on a phone but the Silver Titanium S6+ Edge is the very definition of flagship.

I’ve been coming in to work the past couple of weekends to catch up on work, and this has been working like a wonder for me. Just put my 1+1 in the corner of the room near two walls, pointing the bottom speakers at the walls, and turning on Pandora. The whole room is filled with music as a result. Luckily it’s when I’m the only one here in the office, so it works great for me.

Thanks KaoFloppy!

So, new announcements Tomorrow. I really am curious about the specs. Also, there is a rumor of 2 new Chromecasts coming out.

Androidpolice has been steadily leaking specs/info about the two Nexus phones for the past week, unless you meant that you’re curious about whether they are real, or how well they perform in real-world use.

The later. I want to see reviews more than specs.

Will definitely be an updated Chromecast, and probably a Nexus Player refresh also.

Hoping Google dials it back and delivers a 5" phone starting at $400 to compete with the Moto X Pure and 1+2.

The rumor is 379.00. That is just a rumor though.


If they were smart they’d attack the Moto G’s $200 price point as well.

Latest FCC filing suggests the 6P has an SD card slot, while no such rumors exist for the 5X.

Which might land us in the laughable situation where Google is selling a 16GB phone without expandable storage and a 128GB phone that CAN be expanded.

Sounds perfectly in line with a Standard/Pro model lineup. Don’t allow customers to pay less for a 16GB phone they can cheaply upgrade. Force them to buy the 128GB.

Oh, I didn’t mean laughable as in “unrealistic” or “unwise,” but rather as in “Apple-esque” and “ludicrous bullshit” :)

I’m going to attempt to pre-order the 128GB N6P tomorrow while working off-site in another company’s building. O_O

So, I guess the announcement is about to start? Anyway listing to it? Twit should have a live stream for the event.

I’m watching it. 5X and 6P as expected, mostly. Couple cool things:

Nexuses have the same/similar active display tech to what Moto phones do. Yay!
Now on Tap will be cooler I think than it looks. Pumped for that.
Doze sounds awesome (extra-deep sleep when the phone detects periods of inactivity).
Marshmallow next week!
Voice search/interaction API for apps. Sounds awesome. Love using voice control.

Oh yeah, forgot about Project Fi. Unsurprisingly the 5X/6P will be eligible. Ting is still quite a bit cheaper for us, though.

Music family plan leak appears to be correct. $15/mo total for up to 6 accounts. Later this year. I’m getting this for sure.

OMG Nexus 5X looks so sexy I needs it.

So is this Nexus Imprint tech an Android thing, such that I could eventually benefit from it on my S6, or is it Nexus hardware only? It would really suck if fingerprint recognition on Android became a mish-mash of proprietary techs that all had to be supported separately by apps.

379 for the Nexus 5, plus 90 days of Google play and $50 of google store credit.


Giving myself a couple days to wait for the technolust to fade before deciding between the N5X and the Moto G.

Probably end up with the 5X. Who am I kidding?