Android Games - any good ones? :)

So, everyone’s talking about iPhone games. I recently got myself an Android though - any recommendations?

Particularly looking for fun strategy titles - not necessarily Tower Defense ones, unless they’re really good. Also open to other suggestions!

Briefly skimming through the horribly unorganized Android Market app didn’t reveal much, and searching for “top Android game recommendations” and similar search terms is disheartening so far, to say the least.

Thanks in advance!

Not much really, there is a nice nectaris / military madness port, and an advance wars clone called battle for mars or something that is decent.

For td, retro defense, spira defense and robo defense are all ok.

Uniwar is available. All the iPhone users go gaga over that. You can even play cross platform with iPhone users.

Uniwars is pay only? I’d really like to try a trial first… It does look fun though. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ve been searching for the last 2 weeks for a good “on the bus” game that I can play for 15 minutes at a time.

Now that the market is starting to gain some momentum, good games are becoming easier to find.

Jewels is a pretty solid bejewelled clone, which has a time and normal mode, and it is free.

There is an MMO called Parallel Kingdom, which uses Google maps as the world. I’m not sure the game is all that, but the concept is pretty nifty.

The light cycle 3D app is really solid too.

If you have a beefier phone, Speed forge is a pretty cool racer.

There is also a pretty slick online game called what the doodle, which plays like online pictionary with 5 players. The games are fairly quick, and the community pretty nice.

All Marketplace Apps have a built in trial - you just uninstall it before 24 hours pass and Google will refund your money.

Gem Miner isn’t terrible for a mining focused psuedo-Roguelike. It doesn’t ace anything but it has its moments. Worth a try.

I had enough fun with that one to plunk down a couple bucks on it. I should’ve put it in my list too. incidentally, that SDK for this phone seems to be really easy to develop for. is that the norm for devices like this?

Not a specific type of game, but you can play SNES games with SNESLite.

I also like word games, so WordUp! is pretty good.

The real Bejeweled is available, but not free. So is The Sims 3. Haven’t tried either myself.

Oh shoot, sims 3? I miss my tamagotchi so I think I will have to try this out today and report back.

If you’ve never played it, I’d suggest Lights Out. It’s an untimed puzzle game. I would have dreams about solutions before rushing back to his house to play it.

Sims 3 impressions:

The comments scared me, but the game looks fine. Roughly equivalent to VGA / Sims 1 level.

The interface is what bothers me. There’s no pause function, so you are losing time if you don’t properly queue up functions.

Click on toilet, it will have a popup (WALK TO, or USE TOILET), then you can queue on fridge to eat snacks.

Hit MENU to see Skills, relationships, career data, and build mode. Click on existing items, and it will give you a choice on where to move it. What I cannot figure out is how to actually add new items… I really want a bookcase so the sim can learn stuffs.

I would include pictures, but my only camera is on my phone. Unless I get a very complicated array of mirrors, I won’t be able to.

Starting Skills:
Cooking: Water burner
Cleaning: Filth wizard
Fishing: What’s a Fish?
Repairing: Lightning Rod
Gardening: Herbiphobe

Anyone interested in helping me beta-test “A Brief History of Rome” (the result of too much idle time during christmas and getting too bored with the strategy games available) for the Android before I throw it on the market? Send me a PM.

Full disclosure: It’s ad-supported (so requires internet access). Blame Google for making any other release strategy unviable for anyone living outside the 9 Android privileged countries.

I don’t mind giving it a quick blast, although I’m on 1.5 on a Samsung i7500 so I dunno if it’s up to date enough for you.

When the 2.0 update for the i7500 hits I think I might dabble in some developing myself.

Should be no problem. I’ve sent you a PM, thanks.

I tried the SNES emulator but none of the rom links worked. And then I was too lazy to repair the issue from a more capable internet platform.

I’d love to find a nice RPG that’s not an MMO/FB type game.

Strategy, I’ll give your game a go. I have a Droid.

I’ve got a Samsung Moment running Android 1.5. I’d be happy to give the game a try bud.

Sims 3 sounds like it might actually be worth it. I may look into that.

Jewels is the game I’ve had the most fun with so far, but some other good ones:
Barrage Lite - basically Blasted Earth. It’s apparently a demo mode, hence the ‘lite,’ but plays great, and I’ve found no limitations on it yet.

ArtfulBitsaiMinesweeper - Yep, it’s Minesweeper. Decent.

FunTowers - Solitaire card game, but a fun one.

Tiny Little Western - I’ve never played for more than 5 minutes, and it may not be for everyone, but it’s free, and I enjoy it every time I play.

I’ve also got a Sudoku and Yahtzee game, but I find myself not playing them very much.

Oh, and I’ve got Mystique: Chapter 1 that reminds me a bit of Myst or something – it was free, kinda fun, but I seem to always get stuck really fast, so ymmv.

EDIT: Also, I love the NES emulator. I actually play with that as much has anything.

I PM’d this info to Strat, but I had fun with this during lunch today. Has a Risk type feel with Roman elements/names. Computer kicked my butt, so I’ll jump back into it later. Very stable and ran well on 2.0.1.

Zilch Free is a good dice rolling game similar to one I used to play back in college.

Going to check out Gem Miner - always looking for a good but simple rogue-like for short sessions.

Computer kicked my butt, so I’ll jump back into it later.

It is tough, isn’t it? But yeah, I had fun with it too.