Android Games Thread

Google is gearing up to fight Apple and Facebook more directly - and games feature in that in a big way, if Google’s recent acquisitions are any indication. It stands to reason we might start seeing more high-quality games on the Android Market. But what’s on there right now that you enjoy?

Two of my most-played:

World Series of Poker Hold 'Em Legend by Glu (Link)
Great little poker game with a career mode and convincing AI. There’s some tedious video vignettes that pop up randomly and override your phone’s silent mode but you can turn those off, thankfully.

Robo Defense by Lupis Labs (Link)
A traditional tower defense title: mazing, long waves of opponents. If you’ve played Field Runners for the iPhone then you know what you’re in for with this. Not sophisticated as a lot of the more recent TD games on the iPhone but quite good nonetheless.

What gems have you guys found in the Android Market?

(We had a very brief previous Android games thread here.)

I’m just going to cut and paste from other forums ;)

Papastacker (great for teh kids too!)


2 Player Reactor (fun 2 player time based handheld type game with different challenges. Great for killing time)


(I like appbrain because you can sync and install via the web and is good for reinstalling apps if needed. You can sign into Appbrain with your Google account)

Right now, I’m just playing some solitaire and OpenSudoku on my Evo 4g. I have Alchemy, which is fun, but very little else. The android market is a very unusual place after using an ipod touch as my main computing device at home for 18 months. I’m worried that I’ll get some sort of hack from the market. Unlike the Itunes App store, I won’t download anything until I’ve heard it’s okay from multiple sources.

That sounds like it would be great, but I have to admit I feel a bit uncomfortable giving a site my Google password.

From Gamevil, an iPhone developer who’s been porting stuff to Android:

Zenonia is a fun little action KRPG with decent, but not perfect, controls. Sequel due later in the year.

I also like Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars 2010, but I know almost nothing about baseball.

From Hexage, another iPhone developer:

Everlands is probably my favorite game; it reminds me a lot of the card game from Final Fantasy 8, but made better by the addition of hexes and special abilities.

Radiant is a vertically scrolling shooter with some nice graphics and a weapon upgrade system.

Cribbage Pro is probably the best cribbage program I’ve seen on any platform in a long time. The UI seems to play quite well. A paid version of the application lets you play online, but I haven’t tried that.

mPuzzle has a huge library of puzzles sudoku, kakuro, and hitomi puzzles, among others, all free.

Emulators and Rom Buddy.

The end.

They actually use Google’s account services (basically, OpenID), so it’s more like AppBrains asks Google whether you were successfully authenticated - they don’t get your password directly.

Battle for Mars (uh, can’t link yet) is definitely the best game I’ve played on Android (it’s an Advance Wars clone), but I have not played many. It bugs me that the Market doesn’t have a strategy section, since turn-based strategy games are a natural fit for the platform.

Ah, fantastic - that makes much more sense. I’m in.

Thanks, thither.

The ever-popular Uniwar takes up most of my time. Anyone have experience with any of the Android crosswords programs?

Oh man. I want Uniwar so badly. Gotta wait til payday though.

Alchemy is a fun little puzzler. Combine things to create more things. Sounds dull, but is strangely addictive.

How is Rom Buddy even remotely legal?

I guess I should really look into Uniwar, huh. I don’t think there’s a single contrary opinion about its worth. ;)

Blimey you’re not kidding, not only are they providing easy access to ROMs they’re charging for it. That’s pretty much the height of emulation illegality.

Quake 3 has been ported to Android -

I tried Quake 3 and it bloody works, even the multiplayer! Not really that fun to play on my Nexus One, even with the excellent trackball aiming, but it gives me hope for first-person game possibilities.

I like UniWar and Battle for Mars, nice Advance Wars-alikes. Not that I’m any good at strategy games. Jewels is an OK Bejeweled clone, Tetronimo is a decent Tetris clone. Bonsai Blast is a kind of mix of Puzzle Bobble and … tower defense? Or something. Replica Island is a simple platformer with a lot of levels and an actual story. Netrunners is a kind of cyberpunk text-based MMO Roguelike thing that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet, but it’s really interesting.

That’s all that I’m most familiar with so far, I’m definitely checking out more as I get time.

Yesterday I spotted that Pac-man Championship Edition is on the marketplace from Namco, as both a trial and a paid app.

This thread makes me sad.

Angry Birds beta was recently released free. Very slick so far.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is there a ssh client for Android? I want to play Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup on when my Droid X gets here.


I can see it now: mouse+KB vs. console gamepad vs. and Android multitouch multiplayer competitions. Who would win?