Android Games Thread

The dude playing Angry Birds instead.

FreeCiv is coming!

Holy hell! Yay!

Please, please, please let it come soon…

Minisquadron is a lot of fun, nice visual style and simple but addicting gameplay with unlocks and stuff.

I mostly use my SNES emulator though, but getting the hang of it is a pain in the ass. It’s just so much easier with buttons in a game like super metroid… Still great fun though.

Installed the PSX emulator and Rom Buddy PSX works pretty damn good if I do say so my self.

Have to say I’m sceptical about this having been thought through. It’s been a while since I’ve played FreeCiv, but is the user interface really so streamlined that it translates well to a touch screen? I’ve not been impressed with prior efforts to take desktop games to the touchscreen (including my own efforts).

Also, 60-90 megs size of app? In practice that makes it only playable on Froyo or later (you will need the app2sd functionality) absent some asset management magic. I’m also concerned with comments that the memory footprint is 20Mb after 100 turns - hopefully that is not in-memory footprint; Android has an operating limit of 24Mb (16Mb for normal density devices), so that large a footprint simple won’t work - you’d be getting FC constantly. I’ll be very impressed if this works as it’s certainly not a trivial port.

He’s made it clear he’s not worrying too much about size just yet - he’s already got plans to reduce the footprint.

Someone, in their spare time, made a spot-on port of Chu Chu Rocket for Android called ShokoRocket!

I’ve played a bunch of levels, and it’s FANTASTIC.

Well, that is what worries me. Of course, I am biased by my experiences with keeping the memory footprint down, which I find to be the major hassle on the platform (OutOfMemory errors are - without a doubt - the most common cause of force closes across all Android apps). In other words, I really think memory management is something one has to keep an eye on up front.

Crossed fingers, though. It would certainly be interesting if he got it to work.

While checking for any status updates on the Android port of Plants vs. Zombies today (there aren’t any!), I came across a very neat PvZ clone called Leave Devil Alone. You’re the devil, as the title suggests, and the plants are replaced with your minions while the zombies are replaced by holy warriors of some type or another. It’s very, very similar to PvZ, with I think one added mechanic and some of the numbers adjusted. It seems to be pretty well-polished except for the text (it’s a Korean game, I think, and the English translation is just terrible). It doesn’t have as much personality as PvZ, but on the plus side, it actually exists.

The version in the Market is a demo that I haven’t gotten to the end of yet. For some reason, you have to buy the full version through the app itself, which seems a little sketchy to me. Hopefully they actually put it up on the Market so I can buy it through normal channels.

I’ve been playing Dweller lately, and for being a beta it’s still quite fun.

It’s basically a nice little rogue-like that is fairly simple, but looks pretty decent with large tiles on.

The touch controls aren’t amazing, but they get the job done.

The problem with a really generous return policy is that pirates and cheapskates tend to take advantage of it.

I’m guessing that South Korean developers are not able to sell apps through the Market (Google Checkout). Implementing this kind of in-app payments is a direct violation of the Android Market TOS, but since Google doesn’t seem to care at all what goes on in the market, it’s pretty common.

I’m really hoping this turns out to be a must have title for any RTS inclined android user.


We are doomed. If a dude that is porting a civ game to another architecture don’t know the difference of RTS an turn based, we are freeking dooomed.

Turns out it’s Chinese, not Korean. I sprung for the full version and it appears legit.

They have the same problem. The app still breaks the Android TOS, though. It’s a bit of a Wild West, though.

Well the weird thing is that the demo of this game is on the market, and the developer actually has another game on the market that does have a paid version.

The full version of Angry Birds comes out next week, per a tweet from the developer. Woohoo!

That’s a purchase, the kids love that game.

Good stuff.