Android Games Thread

Sounds like a game for, ahem, adults.

Sonic 2, Riptide GP2, and Rayman Jungle Run (among others) are free at Amazon today.

I see long lists of recommendations on this page, but Ctrl-F doesn’t locate

King of Dragon Pass

so I’ll mention

King of Dragon Pass

just so it has some visibility on the current page (I know it has been mentioned in the past.) It’s really a tremendous game. I play it on a note 2 though, and the UI is pretty small as is; I’m not sure it’ll work that well for a smaller screen than that.

Also, you can buy it with your Amazon space bucks, which is how I rationalize owning it on PC, IOS and Android.

Xcom won’t save your game or any option changes unless you’re connected? W the proverbial F? You’re selling an app for portable devices…you think maybe, those devices might not always have access to internet? I was seriously looking forward to this on my nexus 7, as it looked and played great for the 30 seconds I used it before getting a refund. Am I missing something? Just want to make one more check before I perma bail on this title.

regarding King of Dragon pass, it doesn’t work under Lollipop. I upgraded to it on my Nexus 7 last weekend, and since then, KoDP crashes back to the Home screen when I try to launch it. I’ve emailed the devs, and they say they’re working on it, though.

Oh, so sorry, brain malfunction. I was thinking of Elder Sign: Omens, the android version of a Call of Cthulhu board game.

I just discovered Banner Saga for sale in the Amazon App store (currently 50% off for $4.99).

I’ve had this on my Steam wish list for a while, but I’d not heard (or forgotten) about the Android version. Has anyone here played either version? Any thoughts on the game in general and/or whether the Android version holds up?

This Gamespot review (for the PC version) makes me think it could be a nice tablet game.

@thither: Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been curious about that board game for a while, so maybe I’ll check out the Android version first.

It’ 4.99 on Google play too.

I did 1.5 play throughs of banner saga. Took 30 hours.

Combat is fairly interesting. Units all have special abilities. Ui is fine on PC.

…and it’s now $4.99 on Steam for the next day, too!

I realize this will be the lamest question to every grace this thread, but bear with me: Just now entering the world of android with a 5.5" phone Most of past few pages all reference some variation of Nexus tablet. How the heck does one know if something is going to be suitable for a phone screen rather than a full sized tablet for any given game? It seems that most requirements are nothing more than ‘Android 4.x+’, with no real mention of real estate.

I believe that developers set minimum screen size when they publish their apps. If yours is too small, it will be listed as incompatible (on the desktop play store) or just won’t show up at all (on the mobile store).

Thank you. That would have likely been obvious once I started playing around on the store once the phone arrives, rather than clicking on the links from my PC :)

Magnet may be correct, but in my experience with my Nexus 7, it’s always tough to know whether the UI will suit your needs until you’ve actually seen/played the game. I know I’ve played tons of games on my tablet where I struggled with the controls and thought: “Gosh this must be terrible on a phone.”

Some games (especially the Spiderweb RPGs, like Avadon and Avernum) have text that is uncomfortably small on my Nexus 7, so that’s one thing I’d worry about. I’ve also largely avoided action games on my tablet because I don’t do well with ‘virtual’ d-pads, and it can be annoying to have my fingers/thumbs blocking my view of the action.

But I think this is all very subjective. It seems like lots of other people enjoy these games on their phone, so my guess is you’ll have to try a few and see how your tastes align with other reviewers.

The Google Play store lets you filter reviews to only show reviewers with your device. I’ve found this to be extremely helpful, but I suppose you need a fairly common device for this to be useful.

Conquest of Elysium is also very hard on the eyes on my Note 3, so I’d say in general it is tough to know if a title is all that size optimised.

That’s not a slight on the game - is scales and zooms nicely - it just makes the game less easy to enjoy.

Thanks all. It is a phone first and foremost, not a portable gaming device so not a big deal. Just saw this thread float to the top and realized “hey…”.

Just a bump to note that KoDP works under Lollipop now, and with Google Play integration (whatever that does).

Also, Inkle’s Around the World in 80 days is due to be released on Android in the next couple days. I can’t wait. Now they need to get back to the last two Sorcery! apps.

So I’m beginning to understand why people say discoverability in these stores is terrible. I had always assumed that the ‘New + Updated’ button on the first page of the Play Store actually had the most recently-released games in it. No, I’m beginning to realize it’s just paid advertising or something. I’ve been watching all week, and neither 80 Days or Galaxy Trucker has shown up in there. On the other hand, there is a category ‘Games: Top New Paid’, that ranks ‘new’ games by what assumes is gross sales. 80 Days is up near the top of that as of this writing, but Galaxy Trucker is nowhere in the top 100 that I could find, probably because it’s only $2.99 (!! a steal at that price!), and only has a couple hundred downloads thus far. On the plus side, scrolling through this category did let me find BattleLore:Command, what looks like a faithful adaptation of the boardgame. Sure, it’s 2nd edition, but I’m a sucker for the system. Why didn’t anyone tell me this was out?

What I would give for a simple ‘New Games’ tab that just listed all recent games in order of release date (most recent first). That’s the way it works on the Xbox 360, and I just log in every now and then and scroll through each category (Arcade, Demo, Indie, etc), looking for something interesting until I start recognizing stuff from the last time I logged in. That way super new or poor-selling games don’t just drop off the list quickly.

Also, has anyone played any of the Crescent Moon games (Ravensword, Aralon)? I’ve seen them described as kind of Elder Scrolls-y (though I imagine waaaay dumbed down). I also found they have a new sci-fi version of the system, Exiles or something like that. Any thoughts?

Baldurs gate 2 “enhanced” is in the google play store.

Yeah, saw that. Played it years ago, and I’m not sure I want something that in-depth on a tablet for goofing around.