Android on ATT?

My uncle is doing business with the local ATT people, but wants an Android phone. Does ATT have one yet, or did Apple lock out that option?


There’s the HTC Aria, which isn’t a bad phone at all, and there’s a Samsung phone coming soon too. The only drawback to the Aria (and presumably the Samsung) is that AT&T won’t let you install non market apps, but if your uncle doesn’t care about that, then he’s fine.

Isn’t the Motorola Backflip AT&T?

If you can find one somewhere, the Nexus One is pure awesome.

Dell Aero was just announced for AT&T and it is Android.

I’m a bit interested in the Samsung Galaxy, especially since my contract is up for renewal. But looking at some reviews, ATT has locked out some stuff, wonder if they do that on the other Android phones too.

AT&T is an awful, awful network. Seriously. You’d think, being so large, they’d be better . . . but no.

I know, but he’s stuck network-wise.


I picked up a Galaxy s (AT&T calls it the Captivate) and I love it.d They lock out non-market Apps, but it really hasn’t been a problem so far. My wife has an Aria, she loves it, but it’s too small for my fingers.

Yeah, I have a friend who got an Aria and he likes it. It has 2.1 on it, so its good for current apps and whatnot.