Android performance in 2016 is (less) embarrassingly awful


If a phone isn’t durable/grippy enough to survive dropping and being used without a case, so you’re going to be adding a big chunk of whatever, why not put the entire battery in the case?

Then you can buy a slightly thicker one for longer life. Way cleaner/lighter/thinner than the the terrible battery cases that exist now. Year old phone isn’t lasting as long as it used to? Buy a new case and you get a fresh 0-cycle battery.


I feel better about my Redmi Note 3 Pro now, which is built on a 28nm process but really does offer good performance and very good (but not 12 hour–that seems wildly optimistic) battery life. wumpus had me looking long and hard at the Oneplus 5 for a while there.

Unfortunately for performance-oriented folks, Xiaomi took a step BACK with the newest iterations of the Redmi Note and the Mi Max, both of which used to feature the 650 but now have been downgraded to the Snapdragon 625, instead of the logical successor, the SD 660. Battery life has improved but at the expense of single-threaded performance. Bleah.


why is the samsung galaxy s7 posting such shitty battery against the iphone at that website but posting slightly better against it in these: and ?

also, how do you post images?


Different methodologies I guess but I would favor AnandTech results as they
are quite thorough.


This is unexpected. The OnePlus 5, which has 8GB (!) RAM plus the same Snapdragon 835 as the Galaxy 8 … is finally able to go toe to toe on app load time with the iPhone 7+ measly 3GB RAM:

It looks like this guy may have changed the apps he used a bit since the last comparisons, so the times in my previous post can’t directly be… compared.

Still, keeping up with an iPhone 7:

Funny how the iOS animations are credited with slowing things down, as well. I always have mine on reduced motion.


Additional OnePlus 5 confirmation in this video:

Excellent app load times, and (oddly enough) substantially better than the Samsung Galaxy 8 on the same SoC.

Fuck Qualcomm right in their Qualcomm-hole

So you are saying that the Qualcomm SoC might not be terrible, it just need a lot of RAM to get the best out of it? I think this deserves a new thread from you admitting your love for Qualcomm :p


It’s interesting that he ran the test of just constantly loading apps over and over, and the iPhone won… but then when they were actually comparing the load times of individual apps loaded simultaneously, the One+ seemingly beat the iPhone on every app… even when they were doing all the apps one after another…

in things like loading GTA, the android phone blew the iphone away.


It looks like the app on which the 1+ fell behind in the sequential loading at the start was the Adobe Photoshop app and uploading an image inside the app. It was never able to catch up after that, and there were a couple of apps later that loaded faster on iPhone, like the amazon app I think. And those two weren’t shown later when he did side by side loads later. He didn’t load Adobe Photoshop, for example, and upload an image.


Those are weird results. I don’t see why RAM would impact a javascript benchmark, unless the system managed its memory really poorly. The 1+5 must do something else differently.


But what amount of this has anything to do with hardware differences and what this has to do with iOS vs Android framework differences and what it has to do with actual app code differences is a total mystery. They could be loading different textures, one of the versions could have had a developer who cared about optimizing the load time more than the other, etc, etc, etc. It’s a silly benchmark for a lot of reasons, but on top of the others it’s testing a few developers head to head on their multi-platform support and pretending it has anything to do with hardware.


Ya, it could be countless things. Clicking icons by hand to open and close apps isn’t really an effective scientific measure of anything.


Unfortunately, that’s true. But it is closer to real world usage and how these phones being faster and slower at certain things than the Javascript benchmarks that wumpus usually posts.


I’ll grant Wumpus this: my Galaxy S7E lags like a motherfucker on the goddamn regular. Switching from Camera to Play Music to Chrome results in screen-sheering, juttery-scrolling madness for what feels like ages on the regular.

Then again, that might be because my phone is running a dozen sick-ass background processes I use constantly at all times. And because of fucking Samsung bloatware -.-


It’s not a JS benchmark, it’s a native app loading and switching benchmark. But yeah, you’d expect the second leg (re-launching the apps, de facto switching to the already running app) to be the most telling, when all the apps “should” be in memory, particularly if the device has 8GB of RAM which is a ton for a phone. But then again so does the Galaxy 8, with 4GB, and it does much worse on this test, so…

On the first leg, I would expect this to stress CPU somewhat and the disk heavily.


In fairness, the Samsung phones use an enormous percentage of system RAM for the heavily modified OS and all their random crapware. Presumably the OP5 is running a cleaner build and possesses more RAM to begin with.

But they could easily have some sorta sexy pre-caching daemon running that tries to identify commonly opened apps and keep 'em in RAM just-in-case, for instance. But the sometimes iffy nature of 1+'s updates/software makes me doubt they’re in possession of much secret sauce so much as they’re not burdening their phones with as many performance-murdering add-ons as the Big Names.


Yeah. Classic touchwiz:

You can mitigate some of it by using Nova launcher instead, which doesn’t require rooting.


Oh man, remember how during the. . . uh… . . S3 generation??. . . Samsung sprung for cut-rate flash controllers, so all their phones turned into laggy molasses right around the 2-year mark when folks’ contracts were coming due?

That was fun.


All that said, there are some Buy One, Get One Free sales on the S8+ right now. At 300 bucks or less after ebaying the other phone, that’s a hell of a nice piece of hardware value.


Just to be clear, I want Android-slash-Qualcomm to improve here, which is why I make noise about it. This is not

it sucks and I’m gonna gloat about it


it sucks and I’m gonna complain until they fix it

because computers, man

So posting success stories like the OnePlus 5 is great news from my perspective. Fix it, motherfuckers! I’ll be back here when the Snapdragon 845 is released…